VIDEO: Hillary & Huma In Accident, Scooby Van Goes Out Of Control & Crashes

Do you remember Hillary Clinton’s van that she used during the 2016 campaign? Well, it was nicknamed the “Scooby van” by the press pool covering the election, and she still rides around in it. Hillary and Huma Abedin were in New Jersey when the Scooby van went out of control and crashed, and it was all caught on video.

Scooby van right before it crashes (left), Hillary Clinton emerges from the crash (right) (Photo Credit: NRSC/Twitter/Screenshots)

The dynamic duo of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are at it again. Oh, how we missed the days of the Scooby van rolling around with Hillary fainting or having some type of medical emergency as her campaign advisers scrambled to cover it up.

Well, the Scobby van is back, and it was last seen in New Jersey as it crashed while trying to park. The Daily Caller reports, “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was involved in a car accident in New Jersey on Tuesday prior to a fundraiser for Sen. Bob Menendez. According to a video obtained by NTK Network, Clinton’s Secret Service van pulled into a parking garage and headed up the ramp before crashing and halting to a stop.”

The van appeared to turn too tightly while heading up the ramp, hitting a concrete pole. 

Fox Insider reports, “As it tries to navigate a tight turn around a cement pillar and onto a ramp to proceed to another parking level, it collides in slow-motion with a pole. Clinton soon emerges from the van and appeared uninjured. One observer on Twitter quipped that it seems Clinton still doesn’t trust polls.”

Mega-bonus points to the NRSC social media team for adding the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” music for when Clinton exits the dented vehicle. Since no one was hurt, we can say you’ll love this:

But there’s more. The Free Beacon reports, “Clinton and her long-time aide, Huma Abedin, can be seen emerging unharmed from the vehicle moments later. The National Republican Senatorial Committee criticized Clinton for stumping for Menendez.”

According to the Jersey Journal, the ticket prices for the event ranged from $500 to $5,400, the paper reported. And last October, Menendez was charged by the DOJ lawyers of cavorting with underage girls.

The Daily Caller reports, “A Department of Justice investigation against Menendez turned up with ‘corroborating evidence’ that Menendez and a South Florida eye doctor, Salomon Melgen, used underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. An FBI investigation, however, did not find corroborating evidence on this specific claim.”

But the New Jersey Senator, who was really nasty to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, isn’t off the hook. He faces charges by the Senate Ethics Committee. No wonder Hillary is campaigning for Bob.

Menendez faces a tough general election with tightening polls months after the Senate Ethics Committee admonished him for violation of Senate rules. A mistrial was declared in Menendez’s corruption trial earlier this year.

“Hillary Clinton continues to prove how tone deaf she is, raising money for disgraced Senator Bob Menendez, who was indicted for bribery under her old boss, President Obama. Bob Menendez is a crook, and it will take a lot more than a fundraiser with Hillary to convince New Jerseyans otherwise,” Bob Salera, the NRSC spokesman, said.

Bob Salera wrote earlier in the day that Democrats were streaming to New Jersey, pointing to polls showing Hugin within striking distance of the incumbent senator. “New Jersey has officially become a four-alarm-fire for national Democrats, and they are racing in to save disgraced Senator Bob Menendez,” Salera wrote in a press release.

Well, Hillary Clinton crashing in New Jersey isn’t going to put out Menendez’s four-alarm-fire, that’s for sure. It just goes to show you only completely desperate Democrats would call on the failed presidential candidate to campaign for them. Poor Bob. That crash is a metaphor for his campaign.

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