Jane Fonda Leads Hollywood To Support ‘Defund The Police’ Campaign, Regrets It

Jane Fonda has been very busy in light of the rioting and mayhem. The 82-year-old leftwing activist is now donning a “Black Panther” style beret. Fonda is on the front lines making sure the Hollywood crowd all gets behind Black Lives Matter’s “Defund the Police” campaign. Well, she was made to regret it. You’ll love this.

Jane Fonda on CNN (right), Jane Fonda being arrested on the steps of the Capitol, Washington, DC (left) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Make no mistake, the riots which are taking place in Democrat-run cities are highly organized by two groups: Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Black Lives Matter held protests on Tuesday which focused on “defunding the police.”

In Los Angeles, BLM marched to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Hancock Park mansion (near Maxine Waters’ home) to demand he “defund the LAPD.”

This is nothing new. Black Lives Matter came out of the organization known as “The Dream Defenders.”

“Dream Defenders is an American group aimed at ending police and prisons as part of their policy and is geared towards people of color who share the goal of multi-racial organizing,” says their Wikipedia page.

Last time we checked, that’s anarchy. There cannot be a nation without law and order. 

Which brings us to Jane Fonda and the Hollywood crowd. Fonda showed up a few nights ago on CNN, donning her black beret. Hanoi Jane has waited for this moment of utter chaos to achieve her radical goals of anarchy which aligns with the Black Panthers and BLM.

“Actress and activist Jane Fonda spoke about the need to recognize and upend white privilege to combat the many facets of systemic racism during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon Sunday,” Rolling Stone reports. 

“Because we’re white, we have had privilege,” Fonda said. “Even the poorest of us have had privilege. And we need to recognize that, and we have to understand what it is that keeps racism in place — the policies, redlining, banking policies, mortgage policies. All of the things that are really making it very, very difficult for black people to lift themselves up.”

“The policies have to be changed,” Fonda added. “And then white people have to understand the history that has led to this and we have to try to change within ourselves.”

Well, is Jane Fonda claiming Barack Obama did nothing in his eight years as president? To buy into this construct that America is profoundly racist and all white people have a huge advantage—even poor white people—then these leftists have to admit that after 50 years since Civil Rights legislation, and after the Democrats having control of many cities and states, they have utterly failed.

They can’t have this fantasy about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” without answering the question of why African-Americans should continue to vote Democrat—if nothing gets better. We all know this is the lie they sell to minorities to keep them on the Democrat plantation.

Fonda is also leading other celebrities to sign a letter pushing the defunding of all police departments.

The open letter claims that in 2017, $194 billion was spent on the police by America’s various governments even as police have “continued profiling, harassment, terror and killing of Black communities.”

Singers John Legend and Lizzo and actresses Natalie Portman and Taraji P. Henson are among the Hollywood celebrities who’ve signed.

The letter — which was also signed by Common, America Ferrera, Brie Larson, ACLU executive director Anthony Romero — goes on to insist that the money spent on police would be better spent on “building healthy communities,” or to go “to the health of our elders and children, to neighborhood infrastructure, to education, to childcare, to support a vibrant Black future.”

Hanoi Jane got blasted by Americans fed up with her anti-American antics. 

“How ridiculous. A wealthy, supremely privileged white woman, sitting in her multi-million dollar house wearing a pseudo-black panther designer outfit with her gas fireplace running elegantly, pontificating on what needs to be done. ‘Hanoi Jane’ has always seemed tone-deaf,” tweeted Helena Preston.

“Hanoi Jane Fonda has been exhumed to speak on the evils of free market capitalism and society, from her Beverly Hills gated home,” tweeted Dave Cooperman.

“Seriously?!? Jane Fonda is trending & some are looking to HER for solutions? Sorry, but Hanoi Jane is the LAST person anyone should listen to if you want to live in a free country!” tweeted Juliana Wagner.

“What absolute bollocks! Everything that I have now, I have worked my balls off for. I’ve never held my hand out or expected anything from anybody. You make your own way in life & make it work or blame everybody else for your lack of drive & get nowhere. The choice is yours,” tweeted “The Barnsley Glob.”

“There isn’t a single Vietnam vet I know that wouldn’t chew the eyes out of your face if they had the chance to,” tweeted Matt Sorensen.

“My only privilege was having family members that made an effort to teach me to be respectful, lawful, polite, & hard working. If a group of people can’t do that, they will always be ‘underprivileged,'” tweeted “RL.”

“How could we forget that ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda was a communist sympathizer for our enemy in the Vietnam War. She literally posed on the guns that killed American pilots (her fellow countrymen) and spoke on North Vietnamese radio for communist propaganda purposes,” tweeted David Eli Martinez.

Jane Fonda’s father Henry Fonda was crushed when she supported the communists during the Vietnam War. Henry was a renowned actor himself, who had served as a lieutenant in the US Navy during World War II.

Hanoi Jane has been fighting to make America a communist country for over 50 years. That’s why it is so important that Americans call out her propaganda and make it crystal clear the silent majority isn’t silent anymore.

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