Midler: Trump Shouldn’t Snort Drugs & Hurricane Is Nature’s Revenge, Regrets It

Bette Midler is attacking President Donald Trump once again, but this time she has outdone herself. The Broadway star who is now a huge climate change activist says that the president “isn’t looking good” and that he’s not “supposed to snort anything white after Labor Day.” Then, she claimed Hurricane Dorian is “nature taking her revenge” on us all. Well, that’s when she was made to regret her sick remarks. Don’t miss this.

Bette Midler and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Far-left actress and activist Bette Midler’s Trump Derangement Syndrome was on full display yesterday when she accused President Trump of “not looking good” and then insinuated he is snorting drugs. She pointed to Trump’s proliferate Twitter feed as the evidence he is snorting something “white.”

Midler tweeted: “Dear Donnie, Boy, that was some Twitterstorm you provided us with this weekend! A regular Category 5!! But you’re not looking good. Don’t forget, you’re not supposed to snort anything white after Labor Day!”

Can you imagine if a celebrity would have publicly accused former President Barack Obama of snorting drugs? The leftist media would have shamed them so badly, immediately they would be apologizing profusely. They would be blacklisted in Hollywood.

However, Midler was just getting warmed up. Next, the global warming nutjob claimed Hurricane Dorian was “nature taking her revenge.” She then added a cryptic message meant to scare people into thinking we all will be in the path of this so-called revenge, really soon.

“Hurricanes stronger, waters higher; Nature is taking her revenge. The devastation is extraordinary. We stand in solidarity with the victims of Dorian, knowing that our time is coming soon,” Midler tweeted.

Bette Midler is an elderly celebrity who is so rich she had to find a cause to create drama in her life. Most people have enough drama through real-life issues. We worry about paying our bills, raising our kids to be productive human beings, and if we are really lucky having enough money to someday retire.

Midler doesn’t have to worry about those things, so she found herself something else to worry about: global warming. Bette Midler heard it from her pals in Hollywood, so it must be true.

“I think that climate change is real and I think that it’s actually the most important story of the age,” Midler told Variety. “I also worry very much about the oceans and the fact that there’s so much plastic in the oceans now, and people are so wasteful. That is a terrible, terrible sin to me,” she added.

Americans blasted Bette for the sick snorting drugs remark and her ranting about nature taking her revenge. 

“[W]ow, the cabal puppets from Hollyweird are digging in deep. What an off mark reference for the only real anti-drug POTUS in modern times. All the other digs failed so now a deep dive into an alternate reality. Is this to distract from the Adrenochrome epidemic w/ your ilk?” tweeted Alan Fountain.

“I believe it’s you and your friends that put the white powder up your noses,” tweeted Twitter user “MJK.”

“I’m actually embarrassed for Bette now,” tweeted Twitter user “Valdamar.”

“Is this some Climate Change Hoax among the Cabal Puppets and Mouthpieces who are afforded exaggerated lives for their role gaslighting the public. The sheep are awakening to the Earths Wooble and No Carbon Tax for your Black Budget Crime Syndicate! Hocus Pocus You Loose!” tweeted Alan Fountain.

“Some people are too stupid to waste time on Remember Bette, KARMA is a b*tch,” tweeted Jess Suter.

“I was convinced with your tirades that you were/are a whack job. This? Makes us all KNOW that not only are you suffering from TDS? You are a hateful human being and absolute garbage,” tweeted Rusty “Fredo” Shackleford.

Last year, Midler also claimed that the so-called climate change crisis was Trump’s 9/11.

“[T]he actress-turned-activist tweeted that current natural disasters, like [2018] massive California wildfires, are equivalent to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks,” Fox News reported.

Is there any doubt now that Bette Midler is not living in the same reality as most Americans? Not only is Midler off her rocker, but she also offends the entire country by claiming the global warming scare which originated with Al Gore is equal to 9/11.

These same ideas are echoed by leftwing activists who have the ear of every Democratic candidate for president. These fringe leftists now say out loud the craziest things about free healthcare, free tuition, free housing, and even getting monthly income for free.

Along with sounding the alarm on climate change which will end in a huge carbon tax for everyone, Americans will outright reject these ridiculous leftist policies and cast their vote using common sense. All Midler is doing is helping Donald Trump get re-elected in 2020.

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