Jordan Blows Up Schiff’s Hearing, Exposes Vindman’s Dirty Deeds To Unseat POTUS

Rep. Jim Jordan blew up Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearing this morning. Picking up where Rep. Devin Nunes left off, Jordan got Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to admit to his dirty deeds of conspiring with individuals to unseat the duly elected president of the United States. Jordan cornered Vindman, who was caught red-handed as the main instigator in this impeachment farce. Don’t miss this.

Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Jim Jordan, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Jim Jordan just annihilated Adam Schiff’s clown show this morning. Vindman claims he had “grave concerns” that the president wasn’t taking his “advice” on Ukraine’s foreign policy. However, he was just a mid-level bureaucrat who had no business questioning the president of the United States.

Instead of taking his “grave concerns” up the chain of command and informing his boss, Tim Morrison, Vindman ran straight to his anti-Trump attorney and informed him. Then, Vindman claimed his attorney told him: “tell no one.”

Rep. Jordan then read into the record where Vindman’s boss had “concerns” about his judgment — and that he had leaked classified information.

“Your boss Tim Morrison had concerns about your judgment, Fiona Hill another colleague had concerns about your judgment, in fact, your colleagues felt there were times where you leaked information,” Jordan said.

A very pompous Vindman then read from a past evaluation which makes no sense if he is trying to defend himself about instances that just happened, namely, how Vindman was the big leaker of the July 25 phone call.

Jordan then explained how Vindman has been caught lying to the committee. 

“When we ask you about who you spoke to after the July 25 phone call, you first told us, three individuals at the NSC. Your brother, and the two lawyers. And then you said there was a group of other people who you communicated with, but you would only give us one individual in that group, Secretary Kent. And the Chairman [Schiff] would only let you give us that name and when we asked you who else you communicated with you would not tell us,” Jordan said.

Jordan smells a rat. It’s obvious Vindman was speaking to the whistleblower and Schiff’s staff. 

“I want to know first how many people are in that ‘group’ you communicated with outside those individuals you just named?” Jordan asked.

“I only read out outside of the NSC two individuals,” Vindman said.

“That’s Kent and the other individual, And you’re not willing to tell us who that individual is?” Jordan asked.

“Mr. Chairman, point of order. Point of order!” Vindman’s attorney interrupted, knowing his client is in deep trouble. Rep. Devin Nunes had established Vindman is the man who leaked to the whistleblower, and here Jordan is further exposing this fact.

It also should be pointed out here, Vindman said he told a “group” outside the NSC, but then when pressed, the “group” disappears and he testifies to only telling two other individuals, one who we know is the whistleblower.

Schiff then made a point to say his hearing will not be “used to out the whistleblower.” Jordan went on the offense and pointed out the farce that Schiff claims he does not who the whistleblower is, then added, “no one believes that for one second.”

Jordan then went in for the kill shot. Vindman’s dirty deeds are exposed. 

“Your boss Mr. Morrison wasn’t concerned about the phone call. He was concerned about it leaking, the contents of the call leaking. He was concerned about how it would play out in Washington’s polarized environment. How the contents would be used in Washington’s political process,” Jordan said.

He continued:

Mr. Morrison was right. The call leaks, the whistleblower goes to Chairman Schiff, then he runs off to the lawyer, the same lawyer who said in January 2017 ‘the coup has started against President Trump.’ The one thing the Democrats didn’t count on was the president releasing the transcript and letting us all see what he said. They didn’t count on that. The transcript shows no linkage. The two individuals on the call say ‘no pressure, no linkage, no pushing.’

Jordan has established it was Vindman, acting as a rogue operative who refused to go through the chain of command, and illegally leaked the July 25 phone call to Schiff, the whistleblower, and a host of others in this “group.”

Jordan highlighted it is Vindman’s own boss who said his judgment was suspect, and who also was only concerned about the call leaking. This entire scheme was started by Vindman.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis honed in on additional testimony.

“Jordan figured out a key part of Vindman’s game here. Vindman refused to go to Morrison, his boss. He instead leaked to his ‘coordination’ partners and his CIA whistleblower friend. Only after that did he go to the NSC lawyer, knowing his seeds were sown,” Davis tweeted, adding the pertinent testimony:

JORDAN: Why didn’t you go directly to your superior with your concerns?

VINDMAN: It was a really busy week. Also the lawyer told me not to talk to anyone else.

JORDAN: And yet you talked to your brother, to George Kent, and a CIA person you won’t name.

“Just like Christopher Steele, Vindman planted disinformation seeds all over before going through official channels, while keeping his boss in the dark. Vindman needed time for the seeds he planted to sprout. It’s the Russia Hoax all over again,” Sean Davis concluded.

This was a huge day for the good guys. Vindman is exposed as the rat who leaked the July 25 phone call to individuals, including the whistleblower and Schiff’s staff, which can only be described as for nefarious reasons. To unseat the duly elected president of the United States.

Federalist reporter Sean Davis summed it up best: “These impeachment proceedings are occurring because Alex Vindman, an insubordinate mid-level military officer who had a snit fit about not being in charge of American foreign policy decided to collude with a CIA operative to overthrow the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.”

There is now no reason for this clown show to continue. In fact, many are calling for Vindman to be court-martialed. This was clearly a conspiracy between Vindman, Schiff, the whistleblower, and their anti-Trump attorneys, who ginned up bogus charges against Trump. All Americans should be outraged at today’s testimony. It’s time to shut this Schiff show down for the good of the American people.

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