Kamala Harris Suggests Some Groups Of People Have Special Rights

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Democrat Kamala Harris is a lawyer, a former state attorney general, and a current US Senator (AKA lawmaker). You’d think she would know a little something about the law and more specifically the people’s rights protected by the law, but apparently not. The California Senator has suggested that not everyone in this country has the same rights and that certain groups of people have special rights the rest of us don’t. She is, of course, wrong but it’s absolutely stunning that someone who took an oath to uphold the Constitution knows so little about it.

Kamala Harris (Photo Credit: YouTube/CBS)

Here’s a tweet that would be bad if it was sent by some random person, but it’s shocking that it came from a sitting US Senator:

As you can see, Harris is suggesting that women, gay people, Native Americans, disabled people, and immigrants have different rights than the rest of Americans. It’s unclear if these groups share a collective set of special rights or if each group individually has their own specific rights.

It doesn’t really matter because the major point is that she believes women have different rights than men, gay people have different rights than straight people, and so on.

The Bill of Rights, which is the first 10 amendments of the US Constitution, does not make the distinction Harris is claiming. The words “women,” “LGBT,” “indigenous,” “disabled,” or “immigrant” do not appear anywhere in the first 10 amendments. There are no Amendments after that either, bestowing special rights to any group of people. This is something that simply doesn’t exist anywhere but Kamala Harris’ head.

What the Bill of Rights and the rest of the amendments do is guarantee the rights for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, physical ability, or country of origin.

Women can speak freely the same as men. Gay people are free to practice the religion of their choice the same as straight people. Native Americans can keep and bear arms just like people of European heritage. People in wheelchairs are protected against unreasonable search and seizure as much as Olympic high-jumpers are. Legal immigrants can refuse to answer questions on the grounds that it may incriminate themselves just like people born in Saginaw, Michigan.

Harris did say that that there was “so much work still left to be done” to realize these different set of rights for certain groups, so giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she does understand that everyone has the same rights. That, however, means that she is working to create a special set of rights for some people, that others will be shut out from, so it’s still a pretty horrifying thing to come from a representative of the people.

Is Kamala Harris a Senator for all Californians or does she only represent women, gays, Native Americans, handicapped people, and immigrants? That’s a rhetorical question because as a far-left Democrat, she definitely doesn’t represent Californian gun owners, working and middle-class families, Christians, homeowners, business owners, or anyone who cares about border security.

Perhaps since she chooses to represent a small number of fringe groups, she believes these people are endowed with special privileges. Technically, she’s right as they have a US Senator that other people in her state don’t.

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the pigs in charge say, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That was a work of fiction, but Kamala Harris is a real pig in charge, and she basically just said the same thing. That she chose this to be her message on Human Rights Day makes it that much more disturbing.

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