MSNBC Asked Pelosi If She’ll Need To ‘Step-In’ As POTUS, Response Is Troubling

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle isn’t wasting any time trying to prepare her viewers for the possibility that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could take over as president. “You are second in line for the presidency. Has the White House contacted you about the continuity of government?” Ruhle asked Pelosi. Well, the Speaker’s response was very troubling. Don’t miss this.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

The Trump-hating leftwing media is already floating the idea that Nancy Pelosi may end up as acting president of the United States in light of the president testing positive for the virus.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle was giddy on Friday morning as she interviewed the Speaker and just couldn’t help herself.

“You are second in line for the presidency. Has the White House contacted you about the continuity of government?” Ruhle asked Pelosi.

“Stephanie just needs to know how many extra pairs of underwear she’ll need when she inevitably pees her pants with excitement when President Nancy Pelosi is sworn in,” Twitchy reports. 

What’s Ruhle thinking? That the president, who sounded perfectly well during his live interview with Sean Hannity late Thursday night, is already on his death bed? And what about Mike Pence? Last time we checked he was still the vice-president and is in good health.

When Ruhle asked Pelosi if the White House has contacted her about the continuity of government, Nancy said” But that’s an ongoing thing, not with the White House, but with the military, quite frankly, in terms of, ah, ah, some officials in the government.”

The Speaker went on to say she was praying for the president’s health. Her response is priceless. It’s pure Nancy, totally incoherent, but also strange and troubling.

Why is she talking about the military and “some officials in the government?” If we were into conspiracy theories, you could make the argument that Pelosi’s ramblings may be describing a coup. It’s so strange that she would not remind Ruhle that Trump so far only has very mild symptoms, and it’s actually crazy to bring this up.

However, if the Democrats have gamed anything out, it would be in the event the upcoming election is not decided on Election Night.

Americans blasted the MSNBC host and Pelosi on social media. 

“As if society didn’t need another reason to despise journalists, here comes Stephanie to give another. These people truly are the lowest common denominator,” tweeted R. Gary Anderson.

“Nancy met with Hope Hicks in the past few days so maybe they should be talking to #4 in line, Mike Pompeo, if they want to continue this insanity,” tweeted “RedWaveForever.”

“Liberals are soooooo desperate to see her be the acting President (before she’s way too old for office), that they’re not even hiding it and it’s so sad to watch. She’s not even the Vice President…..their desperation is hilarious…Marie Antoinette ain’t gonna be President,” tweeted Marcus Foo.

“Journalist: ‘Has the WH contacted you about something that hasn’t happened yet and most likely won’t? What will you do if they don’t contact you about the event not likely to happen? Can you tell us what a potential Pelosi admin would look like if Trump and Pence die?”‘ tweeted “hearing crickets.”

“The President is so far asymptomatic and, as far as I know, Pence is still alive. They really need to slow their roll…” tweeted “BearsBasketballMom.”

“‘the military… some officials in the government’ <- WTH is she talking about – good job @MSNBC for not doing your job,” tweeted “Phormer Phrong Phlyer.”

Leftwing activists on social media are wishing the president dead. They see this as the best news they ever got, that Trump tested positive for coronavirus.

Former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson said Trump does not have heart disease, lung disease, or any other condition “that would put him at risk.”

Jackson also said 99.5 percent of everyone in that age category “will recover from this spontaneously,” adding that most people will not get any symptoms.

“I fully expect … this to resolve itself in the next 7 to 10 days,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the White House has an aggressive testing protocol, and Trump’s case was caught “very early.”

So, the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi might want to cool their heels. Chances are better than good that President Trump isn’t going anywhere and will be back to campaigning very soon.

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