NBC’s Tom Brokaw Goes Rogue, Blames Democrats For Gov’t Shutdown On Live TV

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Tom Brokaw is beginning to see through the BS. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” he surprised the network by going rogue and blaming the Democrats for the ongoing government shutdown.

Tom Brokaw (Photo Credit: Screen Capture via The Daily Caller)

The partial government shutdown is now in its fifth week thanks to the refusal of Democratic leadership to come to the negotiating table and work out a deal with President Donald Trump which would provide $5.7 billion in funding for the border wall. After over a month without paychecks, government employees are finding it difficult to put food on the table and pay their mortgages. Still, however, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is refusing to compromise.

Over the weekend, Pelosi took petty partisan politics to a whole new level, ordering the House of Representatives’ sergeant-at-arms to block White House personnel from entering the House Chamber in order to make the necessary preparations for President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address.

The White House says it is forging ahead with plans for President Donald Trump to deliver his State of the Union address at the Capitol next week, even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears entrenched in her request for Trump to postpone the speech until the government reopens.

Over the holiday weekend, the White House asked for — but was denied — a walk-through by the House of Representatives’ sergeant-at-arms in preparation of the speech. Still, on Tuesday a senior White House official said the administration is “moving forward” with plans for the speech at the US Capitol.

White House officials have continued working on the President’s speech and been mulling other plans for its delivery in the event Trump cannot address the joint session of Congress next week. [Source: CNN]

Not all Democrats are acting as petty as Pelosi, though. In fact, it appears that other prominent members of the party are downright fed-up with her antics. NBC’s Tom Brokaw, for example, placed the blame squarely on the Democrats for the ongoing shutdown, breaking with his own network’s narrative.

“I think the Democrats are as much to blame right now as the Republicans are,” Brokaw said during an appearance on MSNBC. “They’ve got control of the House, but they’re mostly just, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re not going to do what you wanna do.’ I haven’t seen a grand plan.”

“You’ve got the young people running through the halls, who are the new members of Congress, who are conducting pep rallies every day instead of getting together with the more moderate people,” he continued. “They’re being driven hard from the left. It’s a time of great chaos I think.”

Indeed, Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are doing absolutely nothing to reach a compromise with President Donald Trump, even though he has offered extensions on protections for DACA recipients and immigrants under Temporary Protected Status in exchange for border wall funding.

President Donald Trump’s latest effort to break a stalemate over border wall funding and end a partial government shutdown includes provisions that would seek to stop the formation of Central American migrant caravans.

Trump is currently engaged in a high-stakes fight with Democratic lawmakers over funding for a proposed wall along the U.S. southern border. The two sides remain largely where they were when the shutdown began shortly before Christmas with Democrats saying they will provide only $1.6 billion in border wall funding and President Donald Trump demanding $5.7 billion.

The president sought to break the 32-day logjam and stave off another missed paycheck for federal workers Saturday by offering Democrats the chance to extend the DACA program for an additional three years and the temporary protected status program. In exchange, the White House maintains its ask for $5.7 billion in funding, an increase in humanitarian aid and changes to the U.S. asylum law. [Source: The Daily Caller]

At what point will the Democrats say “enough is enough”? At what point will they come to the table? What’s it going to take?

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