Pavlich Drops Truth Bomb On Impeachment, Wallace Explodes On Live TV

Fox News’ Chris Wallace exploded on Monday’s broadcast after contributor Katie Pavlich dropped an impeachment truth bomb right on his head. Wallace couldn’t handle the truth. “Get your facts straight!” he said. Well, that’s when Pavlich cleaned his clock with a brilliant rebuttal making poor Chris look like an utter fool. You’ll love this.

Katie Pavlich, Chris Wallace (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Chris Wallace must be listening to the Democrats’ talking points on impeachment and actually making the huge mistake to believe they are facts. It’s really quite troubling. Either Wallace is brainwashed, or he is just another hack who needs to join the other Soviet-style propagandists at CNN or MSNBC.

It all started on Monday right before the impeachment trial was going to resume. Wallace went berzerk and told Katie Pavlich to get her “facts straight” over comparisons between President Donald Trump’s impeachment and the Clinton impeachment.

“The fact is that the whistleblower information was given to the inspector general, who gave it to the Justice Department. The Justice Department decided not to investigate, and that is why it went to the House,” Wallace said, talking about the Trump impeachment.

He continued, “So to say that in the Clinton investigation that these people were interviewed by the House, one, they weren’t, and to say it wasn’t done by the justice … it wasn’t done by the Justice Department, because the Justice Department refused to carry out the investigation.”

“Get your facts straight!” Wallace said to Pavlich. 

“Okay, okay, let’s tone it down,” anchor Bret Baier interjected.

“The point is that all the information that the grand jury and the Clinton investigation, all of the witnesses the House wanted to call, that the Justice Department called in the Clinton case, were done before the articles were voted on and put over to the Senate,” Pavlich responded.

That is not what has happened here. The House voted on incomplete information and give it to the Senate, and now they are saying the Senate should call additional witnesses who have not been called before, and who were not part of the house evidence…”

“So we just shouldn’t listen to what John Bolton has to say?” Wallace said rudely, cutting off Pavlich.

“I’m not taking a side, Chris. I’m not saying Bolton and should or should not testify. I am simply talking about what senators are saying and they should go with the process…” Pavlich said.

Americans also cleaned Wallace’s clock. His arrogance and rudeness are getting worse now that the Democrats’ case is exposed as a huge nothing-burger. 

“Chris Wallace went all typical liberal toxic male on Katie Pavlich who punched the bully back down with… facts,” tweeted Andrea Kaye.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing Katie Pavlich trigger ‘Never Trumper’ Chris Wallace into a full-blown temper tantrum on national television,” tweeted “Your Republican Dad.”

When was the last time Chris Wallace had facts correct? @KatiePavlich is good with the facts. I will listen to her. I’ve written Wallace off a long time ago. Pompous ass,” tweeted “D. Drake.”

“Chris should have been gone yesterday. Hope the jerk is listening today to see how wrong he has been about everything. KNOWS nothing about our constitution. The House case is being systematically destroyed today. Thank God,” tweeted “3SophieGrace.”

“Wow. Chris Wallace, the flaming liberal, – didn’t like being put in his TDS place. He is clearly not for constitutional justice. He is rooting for the Schiff clown show,” tweeted Ginger Kirby.

Chris Wallace’s ignorance of impeachment is astounding for a top political anchor. 

Wallace misses the point that the Democrats chose to make this impeachment a fatally flawed process from the beginning. Everything that happened in Adam Schiff’s bunker basement was not authorized by a full House vote to start an impeachment inquiry.

They did this so they did not have to follow any rules. Trump had no counsel present and could call no witnesses. There was no cross-examination of the Democrats’ hand-picked witnesses. They did this so they could fabricate evidence. The downside for the Democrats? They had zero power to subpoena anyone or any documents.

Then, they smack of sheer double-dealing by issuing an article of impeachment pleading “obstruction of Congress” when they had no power to subpoena anything. See how incredibly ridiculous this entire sham-impeachment truly is—charging Trump with “obstructing Congress” when they had no power to call any witnesses or documents in the first place.

Exactly what was Trump obstructing when the Democrats had “obstructed” their own case? 

Even when they had the inquiry vote as the case went to the House Judiciary Committee, the next day Pelosi came out and said they were writing the articles. No one with half a brain can take the Democrats side. So, Chris Wallace is such a Trump-hater he would rather come off looking like an utter fool and toe the line of the un-American traitors than stand up for the truth.

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