Schiff: Trump’s Covering Up Allegedly Treasonous Call, Rush Destroys Him

Rep. Adam Schiff is blasting President Donald Trump after a new “whistleblower” in the Intelligence Community made a formal complaint that the president was caught “making an unspecified promise to a foreign leader” during a recent phone call. Schiff claims the Inspector General says it’s “urgent and credible,” and he’s fired up so “the American people can learn the truth about this cover-up.” The Democrats once again aren’t telling the truth, and that’s why Rush Limbaugh destroyed them.

Rush Limbaugh and Rep. Adam Schiff (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

The biggest news item of the day according to the mainstream media is this new accusation against President Trump from a source in the Intelligence Community. Whenever you hear “a source in the Intelligence Community,” you should be skeptical, especially if it is something negative to do with Trump. They are referring to the deep state.

“Adam Schiff suggested President Trump or top aides are blocking the intelligence community from turning over a potentially damning whistleblower complaint about the president and Schiff is threatening to take the matter to court,” Washington Examiner reports.

Schiff said he does not know if it extends higher up the administration but Trump or top aides are “likely” behind it. “Someone is trying to manipulate the system and keep an urgent matter from Congress,” Schiff told reporters after the IG meeting.

Well, when the deep state can’t get the impeachment ball rolling, they go to plan B. 

First, why in the world is this whistleblower listening to President Trump’s private conversations? Secondly, what about Barack Obama telling Russian Dmitry Medvedev he would have more “flexibility” after he won re-election?

That’s exactly what Rush Limbaugh was thinking on today’s broadcast. Limbaugh explains the Democrats are as frustrated as hell that the impeachment plan isn’t working.

“What Nadler is doing is not an official impeachment inquiry. He hasn’t made the proper steps for that to actually exist. This is nothing but show,” Rush said.

And in the midst of that, we got this story that some intelligence person overheard the president say something that he didn’t think was proper. So he called somebody, and he reported to the inspector general for the intelligence community. He reported that the president said something. It’s not against the law for the president to say things! The president can say what he wants to anybody! Like Obama could say to Medvedev (paraphrased), “Hey, tell Vladimir to be patient. As soon as I win reelection, I’ll get back on schedule getting rid of American nukes.” Remember that open-mic grab of Obama talking to the Russian president, who was then gonna go back and report to Putin?

“Shifty” Schiff was acting as if he had just caught Trump giving away our nuclear codes to a hostile regime, or he caught the president selling Hawaii to Japan. Rush Limbaugh then destroyed him with the truth.

“The intelligence community has no oversight over the president! The president can tell anybody anything he wants, for crying out loud,” Rush explained.

“But now we got the speech police in the intel community filing reports with the Inspector General — and of course, this is gonna make people like Pelosi and Nadler want to have this ‘whistleblower’ come up and testify. There’s nothing of high crimes and misdemeanors nature, there’s nothing criminal, there’s nothing untoward here at all — and it may not even be true! It probably isn’t! There’s so much made up,” Rush added.

“The real question here is, ‘What the hell is the intelligence community doing and continuing to do to try to get rid of Donald Trump?’ This coup is actually ongoing. It hasn’t stopped!” Limbaugh concluded.

Trump assured Americans this is another phony witch hunt. 

“Another Fake News story out there – It never ends! Virtually anytime I speak on the phone to a foreign leader, I understand that there may be many people listening from various U.S. agencies, not to mention those from the other country itself. No problem!” Trump tweeted.

“Knowing all of this, is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially ‘heavily populated’ call. I would only do what is right anyway, and only do good for the USA!” Trump added.

The truth is this is another deep state attempt to bring Trump down. 

In fact, many conservative pundits say this is a big sign Trump is draining the swamp. The president fired Dan Coats, who was the Director of National Intelligence at the end of July. Coats was part of the cabal of deep staters still in place. Coats was trying to block AG Bill Barr from declassifying the documents which show the deep state coup master plans.

“The nation’s intelligence chief [Dan Coats] expressed hope Friday that Attorney General William Barr would adhere to ‘long-established standards’ during his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe — but warned the release of ‘highly-sensitive classified information’ would imperil national security,” Politico reported in May 2019.

Comey tweeted after Coats was fired: “Thank you, Dan Coats, for serving our nation so well and for continuing the proud tradition of Directors of National Intelligence loyal only to the truth. Hopefully, you won’t be the last.”

Trump fired Coats after he continued to refuse to help AG Bill Barr get to the bottom of the soft coup attempt, in Barr’s investigation into the “origins of the Russia probe.” So, it is highly likely that this whistleblower is Sue Gordon, who was another Obama-holdover and Coats number two at the DNI.

Sue Gordon is pictured below with fired Dan Coats:

Americans are not stupid. We can all smell something is really rotten with these new charges by this so-called whistleblower. 

President Trump is quietly draining the swamp of the deep state cabal members who think they are above the law. Let them do their worst. In the end, the entire truth will come out, and President Trump will be vindicated, and those deep state rats will go down in history as traitors to the American people.

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