Pelosi Puts Into Motion ‘Election Night’ Power Grab, Bongino: ‘This Is Real’

On Friday morning, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced legislation on the 25th Amendment that seeks to effectively strip “future presidents” of their powers. So, why would Pelosi be doing this now? Well, Dan Bongino knows. In fact, Bongino is giving a “dire warning” about an “Election Night” power grab that Pelosi’s announcement just put into motion. Don’t miss this.

Nancy Pelosi, Dan Bongino (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Dan Bongino has been sounding the alarm about an alleged “Election Night” coup plot that “grandees” in the Democrat Party and anti-Trump Republicans planned in June 2020. Sound like a conspiracy theory? That’s what Bongino thought until he read the leaked report from the June 2020 meeting.

“Folks, they’re not hiding this,” Bongino said on his podcast. “This is extremely dangerous. I cannot warn you in more dire or stronger terms right now. Be ready for a solid month of chaos after the election.”

Bongino is referring to a leaked report from the Transition Integrity Project (TIP).  Michael Anton, who is a former senior national security official in the Trump administration, discovered the leaked report and decided all Americans must be warned.

“Over the summer, a story was deliberately leaked to the press of a meeting at which 100 Democratic grandees, anti-Trump former Republicans, and other ruling class apparatchiks got together (on George Soros’s dime) to ‘game out’ various outcomes of the 2020 election,” Anton writes.

Why would these big-named politicos leak a possible coup attempt? Because they need the public’s help. Part of the plot is to get the public ready to accept this premise that we will not know who won the election on Election Night.

“One such outcome [they gamed out] was a clear Trump win. In that eventuality, former Bill Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, playing Biden, refused to concede, pressured states that Trump won to send Democrats to the formal Electoral College vote, and trusted that the military would take care of the rest,” Anton adds.

Now we know why Hillary Clinton publicly said: “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out.”

To be clear, there really is no reason Americans should not know who won the election on Election Night. Most states start processing mail-in ballots days before Election Day.

Anton goes on to state, for their plot to succeed, “it must not look like a conspiracy. They need to plant the idea in the public mind, now, that their unlawful and illegitimate removal of President Trump from office will somehow be his fault.”

Biden has also been alluding to this plot out in the open. You may recall a few months ago, the Democrats tapped many of their allies in the military who are anti-Trump to go public with smears against the president. They used the riots as cover to claim Trump should not invoke the Insurrection Act

Then, as nationwide riots really got rolling in early June, the sitting Secretary of Defense himself all but publicly told the president not to invoke the Insurrection Act. His implicit message was: “Mr. President, don’t tell us to do that, because we won’t, and you know what happens after that.”

What most people thought was just “crazy talk” then came from Joe Biden. 

Biden confidently asserted on three separate occasions that the military will “escort [Trump] from the White House with great dispatch” should the president refuse to leave. Another former Vice President, Al Gore, publicly agreed.

“The second part of the plan is either to produce enough harvested ballots—lawfully or not—to tip close states, or else dispute the results in close states and insist, no matter what the tally says, that Biden won them,” Anton states.

The public preparation for that has also already begun: streams of stories and social media posts “explaining” how, while on Election Night it might look as if Trump won, close states will tip to Biden as all the mail-in ballots are “counted.”

Now, you see why the president is so adamant that those mail-in ballots will lead to “the biggest fraud this country has ever seen.”

“The third piece is to get the vast and loud Dem-Left propaganda machine ready for war,” Anton explains. We see this with Nancy Pelosi’s announcement on Friday morning.

“The speaker was pressed on the timing of the bill, which comes just 25 days before election day, but denied the commission was politically-motivated,” New York Post reports.

Of course, this is politically motivated. Pelosi knows she has zero chance of getting this legislation through the GOP-held Senate. She knows President Trump would never sign off on it to become law.

The Speaker is putting into motion this alleged coup plot. Nancy held that press conference knowing the media would put out stories with headlines questioning Trump’s mental status.

“The president is, shall we say, in an altered state right now. I don’t know how to answer for that behavior,” Pelosi said.

Leftwing outlets like USA Today blared the “altered states” headline. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have already signed on to assist in this plot. Both Facebook and Twitter will not allow for any posts on Election Night to report any winner.

The leaked report then goes into how they will rally leftwing protesters to take to the streets with one demand: ‘Trump must go.”

“The Democrats are who we think they are,” Bongino said. “Anti-free-speech, anti-free elections, tyrants, socialists. Who are getting ready for a coup like you have never seen before. ‘Oh Dan that sounds crazy, the media would stop that.’ Would they?”

The former Secret Service agent then reminds his listeners that the Washington Post published an article that said: “The election will likely spark violence — and a constitutional crisis.”

Rosa Brooks, who authored the piece, “organized” the Transition Integrity Project which led to that June 2020 meeting where they plotted this Election Night coup. She’s doing her part by publishing this nonsense in major mainstream media outlets.

We all have a responsibility to warn Americans about this plot. We have a right to know who won the election on Election Night, period.

The Democrats are engaging in a plot that they hope will lead to a civil war in our streets. This isn’t how we do things in America, and for as long as President Trump stays in power, we can be assured that our freedoms will be guaranteed.

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