Pelosi Stages Photo Op At Protest Surrounded By Armed Security – Goes All Wrong

Nancy Pelosi was in rare form on Wednesday afternoon when she ventured out for a “photo-op.” The Speaker had her armed security detail in tow as she posed for pics making sure she was seen as totally “woke” with the leftwing agitators. Well, that’s when it went all wrong. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi poses for a picture at George Floyd protest (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday became the latest Democrat lawmaker to pander to the protesters. In fact, the 80-year-old California Democrat made sure her armed security guards were also on hand to protect her.

Earlier Wednesday, Pelosi told MSNBC that she worried nationwide protests could lead to a resurgence in the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

“I am indeed concerned about that, because it is true that wearing a mask and social distancing are very important to stopping the spread,” the speaker told Morning Joe.

“And as people go out there, I hope that they know that they’re taking a risk, as well as bringing home – but there’s been some good social distancing among some of the crowds and on TV, they all look like they are very close together,” she added. “I think some of them are probably practicing social distancing. Let us hope so.”

Isn’t it ironic that only two weeks ago anyone attempting to protest the continued lockdown in California were being arrested? They were being arrested for just going outside. Now, Pelosi is joining the “protesters” who are not social distancing yet they also are not being arrested.

What a joke. This just goes to show what a farce the lockdowns were in blue states. Riots and mayhem? Oh, forget the COVID crisis. Let the looters run free. Don’t you understand their right to protest comes before anything else, including the pandemic?

“Pelosi’s walk among protesters while surrounded by security comes after media outlets criticized President Trump for using security in his walk across Lafayette Park on Monday,” Breitbart reports.

Reason magazine suggested that Trump’s use of the Park Police violated the First Amendment, but Park Police said they did not clear the crowd for Trump but because protesters were throwing things.

Nancy’s staged photo-op went all wrong as Americans torched her hypocrisy on social media. 

“Guess she can avoid social distancing when it is convenient for a photo op but she can’t go to work to do her so-called job? Virtue signaling on steroids and completely disgusting. What a fake,” tweeted “TX RANCH WIFE.”

“But she can’t get her a** to work. Unbelievable!” tweeted Bradley Wittman.

“Systemic Racism? Well, Pelosi and Biden have been that system for 40+ years,” tweeted Wyatt Aarp.

“B*tch, you’ve been in office Like 40 years and done nothing until it can spite Trump…” tweeted “TC3CattleCompany.”

“I guess social distancing only applies to the #Deplorables,” tweeted April Westerhold.

“Anti-gun, BUT uses armed people for her protection? We can’t have guns for self-protection but she can??” tweeted “Cosmo.”

“Everything about her is phony. Her pretending to care about George Floyd. Her phony mask for the phony virus, Her phony love of America. Her phony stretched out face and teeth. She is Satan’s little phony helper,” tweeted Max Capacite.

“Cannot go to work in the spacious Capital building because of COVID yet can be shoulder to shoulder with protesters. Protesting police while being protected by the police. Pelosi, hypocrisy is thy name. PS to the uninformed, this is known as a photo op substituting mask for Bible,” tweeted Gerry Rawlinson.

The Hill described the men as Pelosi’s “security detail” and noted that Pelosi was walking among “a crowd of demonstrators outside the Capitol” when the video was taken.

Legislation in the House “banning police from using chokeholds and ending the Defense Department program that gives surplus military-grade weapons to local police departments” is expected soon.

“We’ll be intense, proactive, and, again, because the American people have identified with all of these injustices, we believe, at long last, we may have some success in the United States Senate with it,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Meanwhile, police organizations and unions are not on board with the Democrats, especially Joe Biden. 

“Clearly, he’s made a lot of changes the way candidates do during the primary process, but he kept moving left and fell off the deep end,” said Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, the umbrella organization for Police Benevolent Association chapters.

“For Joe Biden, police are shaking their heads because he used to be a stand-up guy who backed law enforcement,” Johnson said. “But it seems in his old age, for whatever reason, he’s writing a sad final chapter when it comes to supporting law enforcement.”

The Democrats had enjoyed support by many police unions in the past. Now that their party has moved so far to the left and is listening to Black Lives Matter support “defunding the police,” law enforcement officials across the board have turned their backs on the Democrats. This is the political price Nancy and her cohorts will now pay for hitching their wagon to extremists.

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