Pelosi Gets Torched For Endorsing Biden As: ‘The Personification of Integrity’

Nancy Pelosi got utterly torched for endorsing Joe Biden on Monday after a shocking video was unearthed over the weekend which sunk the former vice-president’s campaign and exposed the Speaker as a huge hypocrite and phony. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reluctantly endorsed Joe Biden for president. The California Democrat put off the endorsement for as long as possible knowing Biden’s issues are more than just problematic.

In fact, Pelosi’s description of the Democrat nominee flies in the face of mounting evidence that Joe Biden is someone who should be getting torn up by the mainstream media, with his face plastered on #MeToo posters.

Pelosi prerecorded a video shared Monday to social media. 

“I am proud to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States because he will be an extraordinary president,” Pelosi said. “He knows how to get the job done.”

Pelosi touted Biden’s work in various policy areas, his relationship with former President Barack Obama, and his behind-the-scenes personality and demeanor. She failed to address the latest sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade, who worked as a Biden staffer in the 1990s.

A leader who is the personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity, and integrity,” Pelosi added.

It was a less than truth-filled endorsement that comes on the heels on revelations last Friday. 

Biden’s senatorial staffer, Tara Reade, made damning allegations against the former vice-president which took a devastating turn for poor Joe on Friday.

Reade originally came forward in April of 2019, and she joined about a half-dozen women who have credibly accused Biden of unwanted touching. But something made her story stand out, and that was the nature of the assault and her standing as a lifelong Democrat.

While working for the then-Delaware Senator while in her mid-20s, she says he cornered her in a hallway, thrust his hands up her skirt, penetrated her vagina, and when she objected, he said something to the effect of, “Come on, I heard you like me.”

Reade further alleges that after she complained, there was retaliation. She lost her job and told four witnesses including her mother.

In interviews with The Intercept, Reade also mentioned that her mother had made a phone call to “Larry King Live” on CNN, during which she made reference to her daughter’s experience on Capitol Hill.

“I remember it being an anonymous call and her saying my daughter was sexually harassed and retaliated against and fired, where can she go for help? I was mortified,” Reade told The Intercept. 

The Intercept unearthed the alleged Larry King video and published it with their findings on Friday, just two days before Nancy Pelosi gave Biden her glowing endorsement. The caller calls in from “San Luis Obispo” which was the city Reade’s mother was living in as confirmed by The Intercept according to public data.

“I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him,” a woman whom Reade identifies as her mother is heard saying:

Still, facing that new evidence, Nancy Pelosi, who claims she is a champion of women and called for Brett Kavanaugh to be skewered and disbarred over less than credible evidence, made that glowing video for Joe Biden.

Then, there are other issues with Biden. The former Veep seems to be suffering from Dementia. He can’t finish sentences, is constantly confused about his own location, and strikes out with heightened anger at voters for no apparent reason.

That’s why Americans torched poor Pelosi on social media. 

“At this point, these people have to know how utterly fake and ridiculous they look to those of us who use our brains! Personification of integrity??? Bwahahahaha!” tweeted “MAGA Meg.”

“Tara Reade would surely disagree if anyone would bother to ask. Whatever happened to the Dem mantra ‘women should be believed’? I suppose that applies only when the accused is a conservative. How did people like Nancy & Joe get close 2 the levers of power?” tweeted Ron Curry.

“You’re kidding me, right?? You are endorsing a man who is half nuts…has early stages of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, for President of the United States??? The Botox has fried your brain,” tweeted Lola Humphrey.

“These two dumba**es should be married. Both are disgusting, traitorous, and vile individuals,” tweeted “War Horse.”

“And there it is folks! Pelousy knows about as much about ‘integrity’, honor and decency as Biden does- NOTHING,” tweeted Robyn Parker.

“Nancy Pelosi Endorses Joe Biden: She calls him ‘The Personification of (DEMOCRAT) Integrity.’ I added word ‘Democrat.’ She & Barrack Hussein Obama’s ringing endorsements will make Biden’s hair sniffing, woman fondling, child groping & sexual harassments all go away. He’s OWNED,” tweeted Jack Peterson.

The Biden campaign denies Reade’s allegations.

Reade, who was a staff assistant in Biden’s office at the time, said she wasn’t aware of any direct witnesses to the encounter. She told the Associated Press that she did raise accusations of sexual harassment, but not assault, against Biden in multiple meetings with her supervisors, including Marianne Baker, Biden’s executive assistant; Dennis Toner, Biden’s deputy chief of staff; and Ted Kaufman, the senator’s chief of staff.

There is one way to put these allegations to rest, and Joe Biden could do it with one phone call. 

According to reports, if Reade did indeed file a sexual harassment complaint, it would be among Biden’s senate papers, which are currently held at the University of Delaware. Joe Biden could unseal the senate papers but is declining to do so.

In contrast, Brett Kavanaugh couldn’t wait to be investigated and turned over all of his personal and professional records and correspondence to clear his name. That’s how an innocent man acts.

The hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi extends to the mainstream media who tore up Justice Kavanaugh’s reputation and highlighted the salacious allegations by reporting them as facts. Well, Americans aren’t going to forget Tara Reade’s very credible accusations. If Joe Biden was a Republican, this presidential campaign would be dead on arrival.

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