WATCH: Protesters Interviewed: We’re Stealing Because It’s ‘Slavery Money’; ‘We Should Kill Them’ Police ‘B****es’; ‘If Anybody’s A Thief, It’s America’

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In a recent interview, protesters defended looting and destroying businesses, saying that it’s “slavery money.” Sadly, it didn’t stop there as they also suggested murder and so much more. Don’t miss this.

Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviews protesters. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Dangerous and violent rioting broke out across our country last week following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a police officer put his knee on the man’s neck for nearly nine minutes in Minnesota. The disturbing ordeal was captured on video, which went viral and led to protests. Those protests, however, turned into riots and looting in many cities all across our nation.

After going to the heart of the violent rioting taking place in Minneapolis, where George Floyd died, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz spoke to the protesters there about the looting and destruction that was taking place. Rather than condemn the violence, however, the “peaceful protesters” defended it.

“The media narrative has been that the protesters and the violence are distinct,” Horowitz prefaced his video, which he posted on Monday, “but the vast majority of protesters that I spoke to, went out of their way to justify, in a non-socially distanced way, the anarchic orgy of violence.”

Not only do the protesters justify the violence and theft, but throughout the video, they also bashed America, suggested all cop “b****es” need to be killed, and even attack an old man, who was only trying to defend his property. Luckily, Horowitz was able to diffuse the situation and even gain the trust of the protesters by mimicking their calls for “revolution.”

As they opened up to the documentary filmmaker, however, their threatening words were enough to raise more than a few eyebrows, painting a bleak picture of what a civilized America is up against.

“We’re attacking big known businesses, like Apple, Boost, Target, Walmart, BestBuy — all that s*** — Gucci, wherever the f*** you at, you better lock your doors,” one male protester unashamedly told the documentary filmmaker. “Google, Microsoft, all that bulls***, that’s all built up, that’s all slavery money,” he continued, “so when we take it back, or we burn it down, yeah. We gonna take what’s ours. You ain’t gonna give it up? Okay, you ain’t having it no more.”

“This is about saying, ‘Hey man, you’re not giving it to us, so we’re gonna take it,” Horowitz said, paraphrasing the remarks for clarification. “Does that make sense?” he asked.

In response, a female protester answered, “Of course,” before asking, “What do you expect them to do?”

As Horowitz noted, however, it’s not just the big corporations that are being targeted by rioters and looters. Many small businesses, which have already been hit hard due to the coronavirus, have also been burned and destroyed as well.

“If they didn’t kill a black man, they stores [sic] wouldn’t be burned down,” a protester said, justifying the destruction. As we all know, though, the store owners didn’t kill George Floyd. And, since many of the merchants are minorities themselves, it’s fair to reason that most of them also condemn the events leading to his death.

Small businesses are being burned to the ground. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Focusing on the protesters’ apparent desire for complete destruction, Horowitz asked, “Do we have to burn it down to rebuild it without racism?” to which a female protester quickly responded, “Yes!” adding, “That makes total sense!”

“Sometimes we gotta act out,” another male protester argued. “It sucks that all this happened, that all the small businesses had to get burnt down, but without that, where would we be?” he asked.

“This country was built on violence,” a female protester added. “And, when people had enough of the violence y’all have against us and we give it back to y’all, y’all wanna be mad!”

“You come for me, I’m going for you,” another female protester added. “Point-blank!” she exclaimed as a male protester shared similar sentiments. “Shoot back, shoot back!” they both said, but the protesters soon made it clear that their call to violence didn’t end there.

When asked whether police forces should be defunded, all the protesters agreed, but they wanted more than that as well. “Yes, we should demilitarize them,” one female yelled as a male quickly chimed in, “No, actually, bro, I think we should kill them b****es,” and another protester added, “America has it coming.

Sadly, these aren’t empty threats as Horowitz’s video would prove when, later that night, while filming, he saw a rioter threaten and attack an older man with a thick stick and stones. The older man was simply outside, trying to defend his home.

A protester threatens a man with a thick stick before throwing stones at him. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Thankfully, Horowitz intervened and pushed back the male. We don’t have to wonder what might have happened if the filmmaker wasn’t there. We’ve already seen the beatings of innocent civilians that are happening at the hands of “protesters” like these.

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