VIDEO: TV Reporter Totally Dumbfounded As Biden Campaign Event Goes All Wrong

A local TV news reporter was totally dumbfounded at the Joe Biden event held in Phoenix, Arizona. Fox News 10 affiliate reporter Nicole Garcia was sent to the event to give their viewers a live report. She was greeted by an unexpected situation and tried her best to offer an explanation for what she was witnessing. Don’t miss this.

Fox News reporter Nicole Garcia, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

During a Biden campaign event at Phoenix’s Heard Museum last week, local Fox affiliate Fox 10’s Nicole Garcia offered viewers a glimpse from outside the event, which was attended by both former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — the first of any with both candidates since the Democratic National Convention.

Despite a few press reports noting the location of the event prior to its scheduled time, Garcia appeared to be quite dumbfounded that no one was there. In fact, the street outside was all but deserted. However, like a good reporter, she soldiered on.

“We’re right outside of the Heard Museum where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their motorcade arrived about one o’clock this afternoon,” she explained during a broadcast. “They are meeting with several tribal leaders here at the Heard Museum, and not a lot of fanfare out here.”

“There’s really not much to see — and I’ll step out of the way,” Garcia added, sounding very perplexed. “So, it’s not your typical presidential campaign event. We don’t see people rallying outside. We don’t see signs or much of what’s going on.”

Garcia pointed out that given Arizona was considered a “battleground state,” an event with both Biden and Harris together for the first time since the convention would be expected to draw more interest, but the only ones there were the candidates, campaign staffers, and pool reporters, according to Nicole Garcia.

Maybe there were people hiding in the bushes, too embarrassed to openly support Biden?

“Pretty much all the people that we saw enter into the parking lot about 45 minutes ago were with the Biden/Harris campaign and the pool reporters,” she explained. “So, you would expect to see — I mean, this is a pretty big event for the two of them to be campaigning together for the first time since the Democratic National Convention.”

“Here in Arizona, our state has established itself as a battleground state, and so this is technically a big event, but not a lot of fanfare,” Garcia declared.

The local Fox News reporter was quite baffled. She decided to step out of the video to make the point this is not what anyone expects of a major presidential campaign event. Where are the people? Where is the Biden campaign volunteers? Garcia could not explain what went wrong.

She even alluded to a potential cover-up by the Biden staffers. After she approached the Biden people about no one being there, Garcia was fed a line of crap.

“I’m told by one of the Biden staffers, local staffers, is that they kind of kept the details about the visit — as far as the timing and exact location — they didn’t want to give that out to the public because they want to keep the crowds to a minimum. They realize we are in a pandemic, and they don’t want a crowd of more than 50 people at their events,” Garcia said, relating the excuse of the Biden campaign.

However, the press had made the details of the event available in the media, and no one showed up:

What’s really going on with the Biden campaign? 

“When a presidential campaign stops in your city just weeks before the election, there is significant fanfare: Droves of supporters and protesters turn out, there is a massive security presence, and national media from most major networks cover the event,” The Blaze reports. 

The Hill reported the Biden/Harris campaign was publicizing the Arizona event.

“The campaign announced on Wednesday that the Democratic ticket is set to meet with Native American tribal leaders in Phoenix before embarking on a ‘Soul of the Nation’ bus tour. Biden and Harris are slated to make stops on the tour to meet with voters and small-business owners in Phoenix and Tempe,” The Hill reports.

It sure seems like the Biden campaign is falling back on the “COVID” excuse to explain zero interest in their events. In fact, Phoenix, one of the biggest cities in Arizona, must have Biden campaign offices staffed by volunteers, right?

We found that the Biden campaign moved extremely slowly to hire campaign professionals at the state level. We could not find a physical location for Biden offices in Phoenix, Arizona. It appears as if the Biden campaign is a virtual campaign, not one of “volunteers on the ground.”

It’s almost like the Biden people are gaslighting Americans into believing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ campaign is doing great when the truth is their events don’t garner any significant support at all.

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