Seditious Conspiracy: Schiff’s Henchmen Caught Sneaking Into Top Secret SCIF

There were huge developments behind the scenes yesterday on Capitol Hill. Adam Schiff lost all control of his bogus impeachment inquiry, and he sent for two anti-Trump attorneys, who were caught sneaking into the top-secret SCIF with Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY). What happened next is really going to blow your mind. Don’t miss this.

Adam Schiff (left), Lawfare lawyers Barry Berke and Norm Eisen (right) (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshot, Kyle Chenney/Twitter)

Adam Schiff lost control of his own hearing yesterday. On the stand was Alexander Vindman, who turns out to be an extremely stretchy person. He also is most probably Schiff’s so-called whistleblower number 2. If you heard this guy turned up in his full dress military uniform, just know it was all for show.

Vindman worked on the National Security Council as a “Ukraine expert.” It appears Vindman was part of shady deals in Ukraine working with Marcus Cohen, who is a U.S. based attorney. Cohen poured six figures into Ukraine hoping to be rewarded with a job in President Zelensky’s new administration, foreign agent records identified by OpenSecrets show.

Additionally, it is highly likely Vindman leaked the content of presidential phone calls while he was a member of the National Security Council; which explains why Adam Schiff went nuts when the GOP members attempted to ask him basic questions about the July 25 phone call Vindman claims he heard in real-time.

In fact, Vindman is no whistleblower. He is a rogue actor who leaked Trump’s July 25 phone call with President Zelensky. But it gets worse. Vindman is also pulling a trick made famous by Adam Schiff, who fabricated Trump’s phone call in what he later called a “parody.”

“The New York Times is reporting that sketchy Vindman attempted to manipulate the CIA transcripts of President Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelenskyy to meet Vindman’s ideological interpretations. [Vindman had a hidden agenda ‘spying’ while inside the NSC],” Conservative Treehouse reports.

“Vindman told House impeachment investigators on Tuesday that the White House transcript of a July call between President Trump and Ukraine’s president omitted crucial words and phrases, and that his attempts to include them failed, according to three people familiar with the testimony,” New York Times reports.

This is obviously ridiculous. The transcript of the July 25 phone call is logged by two CIA agents immediately and then is reviewed by five to six additional CIA agents. Does Vindman actually want us to believe there is a huge conspiracy where no less than seven CIA agents and additional White House staffers all agreed to omit parts of the transcript?

This brings us to Adam Schiff’s meltdown when Vindman was on the stand. 

After Vindman drops his bomb that he was so concerned about President Trump’s July 25 phone call that he leaked it to various individuals (one who is the initial fake whistleblower), astute Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) smelled a rat.

Jordan said he could not go into explicit detail about the questions Schiff blocked. The Ohio lawmaker, however, explained to reporters:

[House Intelligence Committee] Chairman Schiff has prevented the witness from answering certain questions we had during the deposition. … When we asked [Vindman] who he spoke to after important events in July. Adam Schiff said, “No, no, no” we’re not going to let him answer that question. Even though at the start of every one of these depositions … he says, “This is not classified.”

Adam Schiff’s legal henchmen are hurried down into the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) with Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Around the same time as Schiff and Jordan were arguing over Vindamn, Politico reporter Kyle Cheney snapped the photo of Lawfare attorneys Barry Berke and Norm Eisen on the Capitol Hill elevator. “Judiciary Committee lawyers Barry Berke and Norm Eisen (Nadler is behind them) make their way down to the SCIF. Won’t say what for,” Cheney tweeted.

These Lawfare attorneys are the architects of this Ukraine impeachment coup attempt.

Every dirty move Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff make is being orchestrated by these Never Trumpers. They do not have security clearance to access the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, where Schiff is holding the hearings.

Hell, even most GOP congressmen can’t access Schiff’s SCIF. We all witnessed Rep. Matt Gaetz storm the SCIF last week with 30 other Republican lawmakers. It’s safe to bet when Schiff ran into problems over Vindman with Jordan, the Lawfare attorneys were summoned to put out the fire.

However, the bigger issue here is the role the Lawfare attorneys are playing. Pelosi and Schiff are just the puppets of these guys who are pulling all the strings. They are the real power brokers behind the scenes.

“In an effort to bolster [Vindman’s] very sketchy credibility; and likely in an effort to avoid the appearance of sedition; Schiff’s Lawfare staff recommended Vindman wear his military uniform to the hearing today, though Vindman never wore the uniform for his NSC job,” CTH adds.

Lawfare attorneys wrote the initial whistleblower complaint. They constructed this entire impeachment scenario down to the last detail. Their fingerprints are all over the bogus impeachment inquiry, and they wrote this latest move by Pelosi called the House “Impeachment Inquiry” resolution, which was falsely reported on by Fox News’ Shannon Bream last night.

Lawfare/Pelosi’s House “Impeachment Inquiry” resolution, which will be voted on tomorrow, gives Trump no ability to defend himself.

The House impeachment resolution blocks President Trump’s lawyers from participating in the House process until Schiff is done with his “investigation” and hands-it-off to the Judiciary Committee for article assembly.

Here are the “lowlights” of the latest move in this coup attempt:

  • The Executive Branch will not be permitted to participate in the open HPSCI hearing.
  • President Trump lawyers will not be permitted to question witnesses in the open HPSCI hearing.
  • Ranking member of HPSCI (Devin Nunes) may have subpoena power subject to pre-approval by Chairman Adam Schiff.  Requests must be made in writing.  Chair [Schiff] is not mandated to approve.
  • Ranking member of HPSCI (Devin Nunes) may have ability to request witnesses subject to pre-approval by Chairman Adam Schiff. Requests must be made in writing. Chair [Schiff] is not mandated to approve.

Fox News’ Shannon Bream’s late-night show wrongly reported Trump will have legal power. Here is a screenshot from her program last night:

Screenshot Fox News 11:03 PM EST October 29, 2019

This is deliberately false information. The resolution does not convey any of the outlined measures to the Executive Branch. Rather, the resolution provides the possibility for Executive Branch participation only after Schiff’s Intelligence Committee sends their report to the Judiciary Committee at some unknown future date.

It’s very important to know that these Never Trumper Lawfare attorneys and their associates have been part of the D.C. swamp for years. They are good friends with James Comey and Robert Mueller. They see President Trump as their mortal enemy and he must be removed so they can stay in the shadows ruling from behind the scenes.

To defeat an enemy you have to identify them first. The Lawfare group is the enemy of every single American who voted for President Trump. With the Democrats as their puppets, they think they can overturn the 2016 election. Well, like all evil endeavors their coup attempt is being exposed. Their tricky legal schemes will fail. When all Americans learn the truth these slick lawyers and their Democrat cohorts will go down in history as some of the biggest traitors ever known to the American people.

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