Susan Rice: Trump’s Threatened By Obama’s Decency And Family Values, Gets Torched

Susan Rice showed up on Don Lemon’s CNN show on Wednesday night, and like clockwork, the pair of Trump-haters bashed the president. Rice claimed President Donald Trump has “extraordinary insecurity” when it comes to Barack Obama. Rice said Trump feels “threatened” by what the former president stood for: “decency and family values.” Well, poor Susan didn’t know what hit her as she immediately got torched. You’ll love this.

Susan Rice, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The Democrats and their cohorts are peeved at President Trump for mentioning the truth: the Obama administration dropped the ball after the H1N1 pandemic. They failed to restock medical supplies in the national stockpile.

The Democrats started a coordinated attack on Trump. 

They decided they had to counteract Trump’s claims, and that’s why Susan Rice was brought out to be one of the mouthpieces to defend Obama. The narrative Rice and the other Democrat minions are repeating is an attack on Trump by claiming he is “obsessed” with Barack.

“Why do you think [Trump] likes to make the former president the scapegoat and blame the former president and your administration on—for everything, really. Why is that?” Don Lemon asked Susan Rice.

“I can only assume and infer that President Trump has some extraordinary insecurity in relation to Barack Obama,” Rice said. “Everything that Obama stood for, decency, family values, unity, a country that stood tall and proud, not by dividing but by uniting, is the antithesis of who Donald Trump is. And he’s clearly threatened by it. And he clearly likes to use Obama as a foil for all of these failures.”

Rice wasn’t done trashing the president. 

“But, you know, there is no covering up from the fact that this administration was not ready,” Rice added. “Wasn’t ready with the testing, wasn’t ready with the equipment, wasn’t ready with the orders to shut down the economy when that was necessary. And they’re making even bigger mistakes today as they give the governors and localities carte blanche to do whatever they want to do.”

For three years, the Democrats attacked Trump and called him a “dictator.” Now that he gives each state the right to govern themselves, he’s not doing his job? Could these Democrat mouthpieces be any more hypocritical?

Rice also sounded exactly like Whoopi Goldberg and her crew on The View who said on Wednesday that Trump “would never be as smart as President Obama or as elegant or eloquent, you know, or as successful. He’ll never look as good in a tan suit.”

The funny thing is they were responding to the same issue of the president calling out the Obama administration’s failure to restock the medical supplies in the national stockpile. It’s all a coordinated attack.

That’s why Americans torched Susan Rice on social media. 

“I have to admire Susan Rice’s ability for creative thinking. She has a future in fiction writing and storytelling. Perhaps she can write these novels from jail once her role in the Obama-era scandals is fully realized?” tweeted Greg Musselwhite.

“The Benghazi Liar that also gave the STAND DOWN ORDERS is lying to us AGAIN, This is Obama’s idea of ‘Family Value and Decency,'” tweeted Herman Vogel.

“Or are you threatened by the possibility of going to jail?” tweeted Twitter user “Moe30.”

“She wouldn’t know ‘decency’ if it bit her on her butt: Susan Rice: Trump Is ‘Threatened by‘ Obama‘s ‘Decency, Family Values,'” tweeted “MarcInNorthTex.”

Sure @AmbassadorRice. Just like people are threatened by your honesty? Please,” tweeted “Tom M.” 

“Anyone else notice an uptick in the personal attacks against President Trump this week?” tweeted Adrian Norman.

Many Americans are waiting to see if Susan Rice is held to account for her role in the Trump-Russia hoax. In fact, big breaking news came out on Thursday: the DOJ is dropping the Micheal Flynn case which tells us this may be the first shoe to drop as the Flynn case is tied to the Russia hoax.

The news comes a week after new evidence released to Flynn’s lawyers showed FBI agents apparently attempting to trap Flynn into lying to them, hoping he would be prosecuted or fired. The evidence also suggested they knew he had not committed a separate crime.

Rice had written herself a “memo” on a meeting in the Oval Office in January 2017 which the Flynn case came up. Barack Obama, as the sitting president, told Rice the case must “go by the book.” Of course, Rice was covering her butt and Obama’s since we all know Flynn was set up big time by the FBI.

So stay tuned, my fellow patriots. The swamp rats in the deep state are on notice. We bet Susan Rice has nothing snarky to say now that the Obama administration has just been given another blow to their already stained reputation.

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