Baldwin: Trump Voters Brought On ‘Moral Collapse Of This Country,’ Gets Torched

Alec Baldwin sees the writing on the wall, and it totally scares him. The “SNL” star was bashing supporters of President Donald Trump and claiming if those same voters elect him again they have brought on the “moral collapse of this country.” Baldwin is hoping by bashing Trump voters, he would shame them into changing their minds. Well, the 61-year-old leftist immediately got torched. Don’t miss this. […]


Baldwin: Trump‘s ‘Killing This County & Must Be Eradicated’ — Gets Destroyed

Alec Baldwin preached to supporters of President Donald Trump yesterday, telling them it’s time to wake up and realize that he is not the man they thought he would be. In fact, the 61-year-old actor also told them that Trump’s “a disease killing this country and he must be eradicated.” That’s when patriots crushed his anti-Trump nonsense and totally destroyed him. You’ll love this. […]