Obama Caught At Soros Home Meddling In Trump’s Re-Election, Gets Reality Check

Barack Obama is attending a meeting held at the home of Alex Soros, the son of leftwing billionaire George Soros. Reports say the former president is meddling in the 2020 election, and this meeting is targeting President Donald Trump’s re-election. Also attending are other Democrat heavy-weights like Eric Holder. Well, the news is spreading fast, and that’s why Barack and his cronies got a big reality check. You’ll love this. […]


Pelosi Storms Out Of White House, Trump Calls Her ‘3rd Rate Politican’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a major meltdown and stormed out of the White House, leaving a bipartisan meeting on matters important to the American people. President Donald Trump was heading the meeting which Pelosi tried to take over. That’s when the president called her “nervous Nancy” and a “third rate politician.” But that’s not all. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Cher: ‘GOP Are Accessories to Trump Genocide’ of Kurds, Gets Rude Awakening

Cher took her criticism of President Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers to a new level by making false allegations about a “Trump genocide” of the Kurds in Syria. The pop icon claims we abandoned them to die. This is another Democrat talking point meant to paint the president as a cruel dictator-like figure. In fact, Cher got a rude awakening after the truth about Syria and former President Barack Obama came out. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Pelosi Star Witness, Former Ambassador To Ukrainian, Allegedly Spied On Pro-Trump Reporters

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving along with closed-door “impeachment” sessions. Next up is her star witness: Marie Yovanovitch. She was appointed by former President Barack Obama as the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine in 2016, just in time for the presidential elections. She is expected to give testimony refuting President Donald Trump, but it’s just been reported she has been caught spying on pro-Trump reporters. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Obama Busted: Fearful Clapper Confesses On Live TV Barack ‘Told Us To Do’ It

Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is so fearful after learning about yesterday’s bombshell breaking report on AG Bill Barr’s ongoing investigation into the genesis of the Trump-Russia collusion scandal. When faced with the updated information, a freaked out Clapper confessed on live TV Obama “told us to do” it. You’ll love this. […]


Barr Brings Guest On ‘Italian Vacay’ – Obama’s Deep State Freaks Out

Attorney General Bill Barr has been on an Italian vacation, or that’s what we thought. Barr slipped out of the country about 10 days ago, and now stunning reports say he is not on vacation at all. Nope, Barr is hot on the trail of those who were involved in the coup attempt, and making matters worse for the Barack Obama deep staters is Barr’s “mystery guest,” who is causing them to really freak out. You’re going to love this. […]


MSNBC Analyst Asks About Potentially Executing Trump For Treason, Gets Destroyed

On Monday, MSNBC political analyst Elise Jordan was echoing a guest’s claim that “Donald Trump has committed treason, and the penalty for treason under American law, is death.” The discussion centered on the new bogus “whistleblower” claim that is falling apart. However, MSNBC is still suggesting Trump is guilty as if the allegations are fact. Well, that’s when Americans destroyed MSNBC’s political analyst and her wayward guest. You’ll love this. […]


Schiff: Trump’s Covering Up Allegedly Treasonous Call, Rush Destroys Him

Rep. Adam Schiff is blasting President Donald Trump after a new “whistleblower” in the Intelligence Community made a formal complaint that the president was caught “making an unspecified promise to a foreign leader” during a recent phone call. Schiff claims the Inspector General says it’s “urgent and credible,” and he’s fired up so “the American people can learn the truth about this cover-up.” The Democrats once again aren’t telling the truth, and that’s why Rush Limbaugh destroyed them. […]