Gun Rights

Barack Obama Gives Glowing Praise To David Hogg, Kyle Kashuv Destroys Every Word

Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg, who was nowhere near where the actual shooting took place, has become as annoying as a canker sore, especially to Kyle Kashuv. He is one of the students who has received the least attention because he supports the Constitutional right to bear arms. Kashuv has had it with the grandstanding of his fellow students — particularly captain boycott, David Hogg. […]


Obama Calls Trump ‘Dip-Sh*t’ & Warns About ‘Fake News’ In Ruse To Control You

The leftists are out in force pushing a dangerous narrative meant to control your mind. They want you to believe the only “real” news sources are CNN and MSNBC. They are hoping that you’ll forget the mainstream media’s feckless reporting in 2016 as they propped up Hillary Clinton and made Donald Trump a demagogue. Now, they are using Barack Obama calling Trump a “dip-sh*t” as he warns you about “fake news.” This will blow your mind. […]