Wife Of ‘American Sniper’ Issues Bold Challenge To NFL — Every Player Needs To Read This

Taya Kyle, the widow of infamous “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, understands the incredible sacrifice that members of the military make for our country. On Tuesday, Taya issued a bold challenge to the NFL amidst the current controversy surrounding the National Anthem. This is something which every smug player who has disrespected our flag and those who have fought for it needs to read. […]


‘American Sniper’ Widow Shares Pic Of Chris Kyle, Viewers Quickly Notice What He’s Holding

On the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the wife of American Sniper Chris Kyle took to social media to reveal a vivid memory of what she and her husband were doing when they received the shocking news that the Twin Towers were in flames. Along with the post, Taya Kyle shared a new photo of her late husband on Facebook, and viewers immediately noticed what he was holding. […]


Clint Eastwood Bucks Hollywood Liberals, Making Anti-ISIS Movie You’ll Love

Clint Eastwood has always bucked the Hollywood snowflake crowd, and he is doubling down by signing on to direct a new movie. Eastwood, a true master at making patriotic American films, is taking on a real life story about terrorism and American heroes fighting to save lives. It’s totally politically incorrect, but it’s all true, a story straight out of the headlines that you don’t want to miss. […]


Chris Kyle’s Iraqi Interpreter Has HEATED Exchange On Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

American war hero, the late Chris Kyle, had proven himself to be one of the most deadly snipers in history. While he was overseas fighting for our country, he had an Iraqi interpreter who has now just come forward to share his thoughts about Donald Trump’s immigration plans and the so-called “Muslim ban.” However, the exchange turned heated when what he had to say wasn’t what many expected. […]


Chris Kyle Speaks From Beyond The Grave, Has Message About ‘Muslim Ban’

The executive orders issued by President Donald Trump during his first week in office have created a media firestorm, though perhaps none has drawn the ire of the left so much as the temporary immigration ban for seven Muslim-majority countries. Following Trump’s controversial move, it’s as if the legend Chris Kyle himself has spoken from beyond the grave with a message about the president’s hotly-debated ban on Muslim travel to the US. […]

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After Seeing Farmer’s 3-Word Message In Field, BLM Won’t Go Anywhere Near It

As tensions continue to mount between our law enforcement officers and those who hold the anti-cop sentiment of the Black Lives Matter movement, one Georgia farm decided to make it clear which side of the debate they are on. After spending countless hours putting a 3-word message on display for all to see, it’s safe to say the BLM won’t want to go anywhere near the field. […]