Social Issues

BLM Storms Target: ‘We Will Shut Your Business Down’ — They Get Rude Awakening

Black Lives Matter is pushing a new plan to hurt Americans “who still support the police” living near Target stores. They started in Washington, D.C., and with a bullhorn disrupted shopping by screaming: “All black people, living around this neighborhood, because you prioritize money over people…until you stop calling the police, we will continue to shut your business down.” Well, that’s when BLM got a rude awakening. You’ll love this. […]


Spike Lee: America Built On Genocide, Slavery & Theft — He Gets Rude Awakening

Spike Lee spewed some of the craziest false claims during a recent radio interview. “America was founded upon genocide, slavery, and theft,” said the leftwing Hollywood director. He also claimed that “black Americans have never been given full citizenship” and that the founding of America “was immoral.” Well, poor Spike didn’t know what hit him when got a rude awakening. You’ll love this. […]

Political Opinion

BLM Leader: If We Don’t Get Power, We’ll Burn Down America – Gets Epic Smackdown

Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome made terroristic threats against the United States on Wednesday. “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it,” the BLM leader declared. Well, that’s when poor Hawk got an epic smackdown and found out the hard way you do not threaten the United States of America. You’ll love this. […]