Rep. Tlaib Still Wants To ‘Impeach The Mother-F*cker’ At SOTU, Made To Regret It

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib was caught by conservative reporters right after the State of the Union address, and of course, they wanted to know if she still wanted to “impeach the mother-f*cker.” Tlaib didn’t miss a beat as she proudly said, “Absolutely.” She then said, “I’m a lawyer,” and went into her “genius” plan to take out the president. Well, she was made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Angers Roseanne, Barr Says: B*tch Shut Up!

Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour has made headlines for her rabid antisemitic statements. She supports the Muslim Brotherhood, is an avowed supporter of Sharia law, and she praises the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, the noted hater of Jews. And she’s on the record hating Roseanne Barr. Well, the 66-year-old comedian just told Sansour, “B*tch shut up!” And Roseanne was just getting started. You’ll love this. […]


Rep. Omar Makes Heinous Claims About MAGA Kids, Sarah Makes Her Pay

Rep. Ilhan Omar is spreading disgusting lies, and this time it’s about Catholic school kids who did nothing wrong but march in a pro-life rally wearing MAGA hats. “The boys were protesting a woman’s right to choose & yelled ‘it’s not rape if you enjoy it,'” claims the Congresswoman. “They were taunting 5 Black men before they surrounded Phillips and led racist chants.” Sarah Sanders was livid and made Omar regret every word. You’ll love this. […]


Rep. Ilhan Omar Claims Trump & Graham In Homophobic Conspiracy, Gets Destroyed

Rep. Ilhan Omar is back in the news, and this time she has gone too far. The Muslim Congresswoman is claiming there is a homosexual conspiracy going on in the Oval Office involving President Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham. The Minnesota politician who is known for her anti-Semitic remarks is now spreading these vicious lies, and boy did she get destroyed. Don’t miss this. […]


NM Border Rancher Speaks Out, Reveals Item ‘Muslims’ Left On Her Property

The partial government shutdown is now in its fourth week, with Democratic leadership refusing to meet President Donald Trump’s demands for $5.7 billion to fund the construction of an impenetrable barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border. In the wake of this ongoing fight over the border security, a rancher operating in New Mexico has spoken out to reveal the item that people illegally crossing into our country left on her property. […]

Social Issues

Women’s March Leader Praised Famed Anti-Semite, Gets Bad News from DNC

Once upon a time, the Women’s March was a gem in the far left’s crown of outrage. This anti-Trump movement was celebrated by liberals across society. Today, things aren’t going so well for the hate movement. As more evidence comes out of its anti-Semitic roots, noted liberals are abandoning ship. When a top leader praised a famous Jew-hater, the DNC responded. […]


Whoopi Blasts Ocasio-Cortez For ‘Pooping’ On Democrats, Gets Nasty Surprise

Whoopi Goldberg had a major meltdown Monday morning, shocking her co-hosts. Goldberg focused her remarks on Socialistic darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, claiming the 29-year-old is way over her head on Capitol Hill. Whoopi blasted Ocasio-Cortex for “pooping” on the Democrats, telling her to knock it off. But, that’s not all. After Goldberg chastized Ocasio-Cortez, she too was blasted by a nasty surprise she never saw coming. You’ll love this. […]