Clooney Claims Trump Says To Fear Muslims & Strong Women, Instantly Regrets It

George Clooney spoke at Variety magazine’s Power of Women luncheon held in Beverly Hills on Friday, and he immediately made it into a bash President Donald Trump speech. Clooney claims that Trump wants us to live in a “culture of fear,” which he says includes fearing women, immigrants, and Muslims. Well, Clooney was made to instantly regret his remarks, and now he looks like a fool. You’ll love this. […]


Jarrett Claims Obama Never Had Celebrities Cursing At WH, Made To Regret It

Valerie Jarrett is back, and she is being extra snarky. As the Democrats panic that President Donald Trump is making inroads with the African-American vote, they decided to trash Kanye West’s visit to the Oval Office. They know if Trump gets 20% of the black vote, no Democrat can win. So, they called on Jarrett, who made the wild claim that Obama never had celebrities cursing inside the White House, and boy, does she regret it now. […]


Democrat Candidate El-Sayed Attacks Trump-Backed Vet John James, Made To Regret It

Democratic candidate Abdul El-Sayed proudly boasted he would be the first Muslim Governor of Michigan. He lost the primary even though Bernie Sanders, Muslim activist Linda Sansour, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed him. Now, he’s bitter and attacking Iraqi Veteran and West Point graduate John James, who is backed by President Donald Trump in the Michigan senatorial race. James just made El-Sayed totally regret attacking him. You’ll love this. […]