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Redford: Time For Trump’s ‘Dictator-Like’ Presidency To End, Gets Rude Awakening

Robert Redford is another deluded Hollywood actor who feels it is his right to tell us what to think. The 83-year-old celebrity only manages to prove he’s brainwashed. “We’re up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: a dictator-like attack by President Donald Trump on everything this country stands for,” wrote Redford. But that’s not all he said, and that’s why he got a rude awakening the leftist actor won’t forget. […]


Jarrett Claims Obama Never Had Celebrities Cursing At WH, Made To Regret It

Valerie Jarrett is back, and she is being extra snarky. As the Democrats panic that President Donald Trump is making inroads with the African-American vote, they decided to trash Kanye West’s visit to the Oval Office. They know if Trump gets 20% of the black vote, no Democrat can win. So, they called on Jarrett, who made the wild claim that Obama never had celebrities cursing inside the White House, and boy, does she regret it now. […]


Megyn SHOCKS Fonda, Calls Her ‘Hanoi Jane’ On Live TV As Interview Turns Into ‘Cat Fight’

Megyn Kelly dropped her “nice girl” routine and declared all-out war on Jane Fonda after the eighty-year-old actress continued to mock Kelly on live TV. The former Fox News star, who made a huge career move by going over to NBC, has been having a rough time as celebrities refuse to warm up to her new show, and it recently reached the boiling point. Megyn just went ballistic, calling Fonda “Hanoi Jane” during a live TV segment, but that was only the beginning of the real cat fight. […]