Michelle’s Caught Dancing Wearing ‘Shorts,’ Daughters Give Her Nasty Surprise

Michelle Obama slipped into a Beyonce concert in Paris, France. Wearing a see-through white blouse with matching white short-shorts and 5-inch platform sandals, the former first lady looked like she raided one of her daughter’s closets. As she started to twerk with Beyonce’s mom, that’s when Michelle got her a nasty surprise from her daughters. Don’t miss this. […]

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Barack & Michelle In Meltdown After Malia Reveals What She Just ‘Lost’ At Lollapalooza

It’s been quite a week for the Obama girls, who have been left to their own devices this summer. Malia was caught on video writhing around on the ground at the Lollapalooza concert, and Sasha was caught making out with a “random guy” at the same event. Now, Malia’s party night is coming back to haunt her after she had to reveal to her parents what she lost at the concert, and Barack and Michelle are melting down over it. […]

Sasha’s As Bad As Malia After What Pics Caught Her Publicly Doing To Stranger In Chicago
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Barack Can’t Be Happy After What Sasha’s Caught Doing To White Stranger In Chicago

Most of the country is aware that Malia Obama isn’t living the most decent life as she’s been seen frequently partying, drinking, and doing drugs. When your parents are Barack and Michelle Obama, it’s to be expected. However, it seems that Sasha has decided to follow her sister’s lead after what pictures just caught her doing with a white stranger in Chicago. […]

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Malia & Sasha Flown To Secret Location As Gowdy Confirms Obama’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Is Here

Rumors are flying after Malia and Sasha Obama were flown to a secret “desert location” this weekend. This marks the first time Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters have been sent alone to a destination, but with what the former president just learned is coming for him this week from Trey Gowdy, it makes sense. Barack’s about to face his “worst nightmare,” and he wants his daughters away from the limelight in case Gowdy’s heat starts to burn. […]

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PHOTOS: Tiffany Trump Spotted In NYC, Everyone Immediately Notices 1 Detail

Of President Donald Trump’s four adult children, his daughter Tiffany undoubtedly keeps the lowest profile, preferring her privacy over the constant media attention that her three older siblings endure. However, Tiffany was recently spotted out and about in New York City, and everyone immediately seemed to notice one detail about the beautiful young blonde. […]

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Photo Of Sasha Goes Viral After People Notice 1 Thing About Her Appearance

Sasha Obama may have missed her father’s final speech in order to allegedly study for an exam, but school books were the furthest thing from her mind this weekend as she partied it up in Miami with her girlfriends. A slew of revealing photos of the 15-year-old First Daughter on her weekend getaway have surfaced, but one, in particular, is going viral as people notice one thing about her appearance. […]