Sean Penn: No Chance In Hell Trump Will Win Re-Election, Gets Reality Check

Sean Penn, the infamous leftwing actor, is once again attacking President Donald Trump. The 59-year-old who has made a career of meetings with Communist dictators like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, said last Saturday “there’s not a chance in hell” the president will be re-elected. Penn claims “young people” in America will be the deciding factor. Well, that’s when Sean got a big reality check he never saw coming. You’ll love this. […]


VIDEO: Trump-Haters Sean Penn & Madonna Busted After Sick #MeToo Secret Comes Out

Actor Sean Penn and his ex-wife Madonna have been extremely vocal attacking President Donald Trump. Penn has said, “We’re a nation in need of an assassin,” while Madonna infamously screamed, “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.” Now, the vicious Trump-haters are busted big time after their sick #MeToo secret comes out. Don’t miss this. […]


Drugged-Up Sean Penn THREATENS Trump On Colbert, Audience Gives NASTY Surprise

Sean Penn was a train-wreck when he appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” Penn admitted that he was drugged-up as he immediately started to chain-smoke, making Colbert somewhat uncomfortable. His purpose for being there was to promote his new book, which he calls fiction, except he also admits that it’s about Trump. Penn proceeded to make a deadly threat, and it was so cringeworthy that the audience gave him a nasty surprise. […]


Kamala Harris Gets Brutal Surprise After Evil Cabal Sneaks Her Away & Crowns Her ‘Queen’

Kamala Harris has made quite a name for herself as a snarky loudmouth grandstander, and now, she’s been caught sneaking off to be crowned the new queen of a well-known evil cabal. Insiders have spilled the beans about a private invitation-only event that just happened in the wealthy Hamptons area, where the evil cabal secretly met to discuss their sick plans to take out President Donald Trump. Luckily, Harris got a brutal surprise that may destroy their sick plans for good. […]