Whoopi Claims ‘Barron Joke’ Wasn’t Offensive & Proved Trump’s Guilt, Gets Crushed

Yesterday, Pamela Karlan, the Democrat attorney who testified at Jerry Nadler’s impeachment hearing, made an ill-advised joke about Barron Trump. It was obviously a rehearsed moment that caused many in the GOP, including Melania Trump, to blast Karlan. Today, Whoopi Goldberg claims anyone who thought it was offensive is out of their minds and said it was a great “analogy,” proving the president is guilty and should be impeached. Well, that’s when poor Whoopi got crushed. You’ll love this.

Barron Trump, Whoopi Goldberg (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Heaven forbid any conservative reporter post anything on Malia or Saha Obama. When Malia was caught engaging in underage drinking, holding up an $80 bottle of Whispering Angel rosé while lounging on the Miami beach with friends, Democrats went nuts when anyone would mention it.

“Conservatives are frothing at the mouth over Malia Obama drinking rosé at a party just shy of her 21st birthday. These are the same people who had no problem giving Justice Brett Kegstand a lifetime appointment to SCOTUS,” tweeted “Imani Gandy Cane” who is a Senior Legal Analyst with ReWire News. The post was “liked” 49,000 times.

When famous kids who are now adults make news—media outlets tend to report it. That’s not the same thing as what Pamela Karlan did during yesterday’s impeachment hearing.

Karlan is a rabid Trump-hater who once claimed she had to “cross the street to not walk on the same side as the Trump Hotel.” This is the type of deranged individual who rehearses a joke to get laughs at the expense of a 13-year-old boy who just happens to be the son of the president of the United States.

In case you missed it, Karlan testified at yesterday’s impeachment hearing as a so-called “legal expert.” She claimed she spent hours getting ready for the hearing. One of her bogus arguments against Trump was her claim he uses his presidency “as a monarch or king.”

So when Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asked Karlan to give an example of how Trump acts like a king, the partisan hack was ready with her joke. “Kings could do no wrong because the king’s word was law, but contrary to what President Trump says, Article II does not give him the power to do anything he wants,” Karlan said.

The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the president can name his son Barron, he cannot make him a baron,” she declared, as Democrats laughed in the gallery.

This was just plain mean-spirited. Karlan did not say this “off the cuff.” To put it in perspective, consider if the name Malia meant “queen” and some GOPer said very flippantly with millions of Americans watching that Barack can name his daughter “Malia” but he cannot make her a “queen,” and then people started laughing.

Does anyone think Whoopi Goldberg would claim it’s totally fine, it’s not offensive, and hey it’s an analogy proving why Barack should be impeached? Well, that’s exactly how she reacted to Karlan’s joke.

After Goldberg played the clip of Karlan’s “Barron joke,” her reaction was disgraceful.  

“Really? Oh my God. She’s so mean,” Whoopi said sarcastically. “I mean think about all the things his father said about different people, but excuse me. I just — maybe they missed this part, but she was not speaking about the child.”

“No,” Joy agreed. “You have to have a sense of humor, and a lot of these people do not have it. Why aren’t they concerned about the 70,000 children being held at the border? They’re worried about this one child?”

“She was speaking about his name and how it played into what he could not do,” Golberg declared. “You cannot take a title. She was not being disrespectful or nasty. And even if you thought there was something questionable about the joke, you might have just said, ‘You know, I don’t know if I would have made that joke, but I understand where you are coming from.’”

“Melania tweeted about it, didn’t she?” Joy asked.

Melania was upset. Again, this has nothing to do with the kid,” Whoopi stated. Later in the same conversation, Goldberg said Karlan was trying to make a point on why Trump should be impeached.

Americans are sick and tired of the double standards and sounded off against the hypocrisy of The View.

“I don’t know what’s worse: the attempt at a punchline using a kid in this political charade or the goon squad laughing about it. Shameful!” tweeted “Scotty P.”

@TheFive @JesseBWatters @greggutfeld On the View Whoopi Goldberg, who can’t manage to utter Trump’s name and calls him ‘you know who,’ defended Karlan for mentioning Barron’s name, as ‘trying to get her point across.’ How does Whoopi do it?” tweeted Star Miller.

I’m disgusted Whoopi and Behar would defend Pamela Karlan’s comment. There was no call to bring Barron Trump into the ‘Inquiry’ whatsoever. There is no comparison stop trying to spin it! I support Melania Trump @FLOTUS 100% She expressed her disapproval with class. She is spot on,” tweeted Lucy Hannah.

Wonder if Whoopi or Joy would be ok if Barron was their child and if the view would say they ‘criticized’. Nope. The view is garbage. @MeghanMcCain you’re better than them,” tweeted Tasha J. Tucker.

Simply whacked you are! How can you stand up for this, oh, I know, you hate @realDonaldTrump so much there are no limits as to what is on the table. You just continue to prove why the landslide will happen in 2020! Thank you in perpetuity!” tweeted Twitter user “JSR.”

Even co-host Abby Huntsman said she thought the “Barron joke” was out of line. 

“Talking about political kids unless they’re on the front lines, they’re off-limits,” Huntsman said. “I’m the only one at the table that has been a political child. You don’t go there. I was talking in the previous segment, and Democrats continue to give Republicans ammunition and headlines. Today we’re talking about this, instead of every headline being about the impeachment.”

This proves the Democrats’ impeachment hearing yesterday was another total bomb. No matter what they do, the big problem is they have failed to find a crime for impeachment, and that fact won’t change. Pamela Karlan will be remembered as the punch-line of this latest disaster.

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