Ex-Lover Willie Brown Throws Shade at Kamala: You Can’t Beat Trump, She Freaks Out

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Kamala Harris got really bad news from her former lover and boss, Willie Brown. The former Mayor of San Francisco threw shade at the presidential hopeful, telling her that she can’t beat President Donald Trump in 2020. Brown, a lifelong Democrat, shook up many in the Democratic Party, saying, “So far I’ve yet to see a Democrat who can beat [Trump].” But that’s not all. Kamala freaked out after hearing everything Brown said about 2020. Don’t miss this.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown (left), Kamala Harris (middle), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group via Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Former Mayor Willie Brown may be a slimeball, but he is no dummy. For over 30 years, the 80-year-old Democrat was one of the biggest political figures in California. And when he talks about politics, people listen. Well, the former mayor just shocked Kamala Harris and the entire field of Democratic candidates for president.

“Former San Francisco mayor and California State Assembly speaker Willie Brown threw shade at his ex-girlfriend, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), and the other contenders for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020, writing Saturday that none of them can beat President Donald Trump,” Breitbart reports. 

“Make no mistake, President Trump’s State of the Union address was the kickoff for his 2020 re-election campaign, and so far I’ve yet to see a Democrat who can beat him,” Brown began. “No matter what you think of Trump’s message, his delivery was impressive. He stayed on script and kept referring to everyday heroes in the gallery, thus forcing the Democrats to stand and cheer.”

The former mayor is addressing his Democratic colleagues. And his words really sting.

“[T]he overnight polling after the speech showed that once again, he connected with voters, at least enough voters to make him a 2020 favorite,” Brown said. “You can’t say the same for the Democratic contenders. They all have impressive credentials, winning personalities and positive messages, but none displays the ‘people personality’ that our media-savvy president has mastered.”

And no matter what you think of Willie Brown, he warned the Democrats in 2016 that Trump would win. So he knows what he is talking about. “Nearly four years ago, when Trump announced his candidacy for president, I said he had a winning hand. He still does,” Brown added.

“We know we can win California and New York. The question is: Can we win the states we lost in 2016, or do we preach to the choir in an empty church?” Brown asked. Well, in response to her ex-lovers dire predictions, Kamala Harris and her campaign freaked out.

But instead of taking Brown’s advice and move more to the right to gain Independent voters, Harris doubled down and moved more to the far-left. Harris made an ill-advised appearance on the New York-based radio show, “The Breakfast Club hosts DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God,” which Hillary Clinton made famous in 2016 by stating on air she carried “hot sauce” in her purse, hoping to appeal to the African-American population.

Evidently, Harris, whose mother is from India and whose father is Jamaican, is being told she really isn’t “black.” She responded on the radio show, saying, “I’m black, and I’m proud of being black. I was born black. I will die black, and I’m not going to make excuses for anybody because they don’t understand.”

That dropped like a lead balloon with the far-leftist Black Lives Matter radio audience. So, she freaked out and took on another tactic, hoping they’d love her for smoking marijuana. “[Harris] also highlighted her support for legalizing marijuana. She said she has smoked — a joint, to be specific, adding with a laugh, “I did inhale.”

“I think it gives a lot of people joy,” she said, “And we need more joy.” And that was another bomb. The cutesy laugh saying, “I did inhale!” It is being called Kamala Harris’ “hot sauce moment”:

Immediately, the pro-marijuana crowd threw poor Kamala Harris under the bus, calling her out as a token supporter of legalizing marijuana. They claim she never supported marijuana legislation in the past and she is only doing so now to get votes.

Kamala Harris is making the same mistakes Hillary Clinton made in 2016. The former California District Attorney thinks she can appeal to the “hip-hop” Black Lives Matter crowd. Well, her radio appearance was a disaster just as was Hillary’s in 2016. The problem of moving to the far left is this: most Americans who identify as far-left don’t vote. 

So old Willie Brown hit the nail on the head when he told the Democratic candidates they don’t have a chance to beat Trump in 2020. None of them can appeal to the middle-class Independents all presidential candidates need to win the presidency. But don’t tell them that. Let the presidential hopefuls like Kamala Harris waste their time on radio shows like “The Breakfast Club hosts DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God.” It’s a sure path to a huge defeat for the Democrats in 2020.

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