Melania Pops Up On Billboard In Croatia, U.S. Liberals Livid Over Message To The Right

A billboard bearing the likeness of First Lady Melania Trump has popped up in Croatia. The picture itself is from Melania’s speech at the Republican National Convention last year, but it’s the 13-word message to the right of our first lady’s image which is causing a stir. Liberals in the U.S. are livid over what’s written next to Melania’s face, as they would never allow such a thing to be erected in the states. […]


Student Tells Ben Shapiro A ‘Fetus’ Isn’t Human, Isn’t Prepared For The Response He Gets

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro visited UC Berkely on Thursday night for a speaking engagement which was sorely needed by the liberal students on campus. Not surprisingly, the topic of abortion came up in the course of the evening. When a young college student who identified himself as “left-leaning” inferred that a “fetus” isn’t human, Shapiro had the perfect answer. The college kid definitely wasn’t prepared for the epic response he received. […]


Trump Spotted On White House Lawn, Viewers Notice Something ‘Off’ About His New Gardener

On Friday morning, President Donald Trump was spotted walking on the White House lawn. It was a beautiful morning for a stroll, but that’s not why he was outside. Viewers quickly noticed that there was something “off” about Trump’s new gardener, who was seen in pictures taken from the Rose Garden as he mowed the grass beside the president. […]


Irma Victim Whispers To Trump Who Quickly Makes Him Tell The Cameras What Was Said

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Florida on Thursday to meet with emergency response crews and victims of Hurricane Irma. While Trump was there, a victim of the Category 5 hurricane leaned into him and whispered a message in his ear. The president quickly turned the man towards the cameras which were watching and made him repeat what was said. […]

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Rapper’s Horrific Past Surfaces After He Lynches White Boy, 1 Reason Media Won’t Report It

Florida rapper XXXTentacion has caused widespread controversy for depicting the lynching of a young white boy in his latest music video. As it turns out, XXXTentacion is not a great guy. Shocking, I know. His horrific past has now surfaced in the wake of the attention that he has received over his incendiary music video, but there’s one reason the media won’t report it. […]


Hispanic Free-Loader Holds Up McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Trump-Loving Manager Has 4 Epic Words

When a Hispanic free-loader visited a McDonald’s drive-thru in Charlotte, North Carolina, the line began to back up as she asked in broken English for more ketchup. The Trump-loving manager of the establishment had quite enough of the Hispanic woman’s nonsense, so she came at her with four epic words. Now, a video of their encounter is going viral. […]