Pic Of Teen On Street Corner Goes Viral When People See What’s In The Road

October 19, 2016

A shop owner in Leesburg, Florida looked outside his store just in time to catch what his nephew was doing on the street corner near his front door. He immediately snapped a photo in shock of what he witnessed and posted it to social media where it instantly went viral when people saw what was in the street, directly in front of the teen. [...]

Teen Jumps Fence & Grabs Girl After Seeing What Lone Cheerleader Was Doing

October 19, 2016

A Texas high school football crowd was left dumbstruck when they noticed what a lone cheerleader was doing on the sidelines, but their shock was only just beginning. When senior Matt Garcia saw what was going on, he took off running, jumped the fence, and grabbed the girl up — as the crowd looked on in disbelief. [...]

Girl SICKENED By School Video, Teacher’s 8 Nasty Words Makes It Worse

October 18, 2016

An Oklahoma school has found themselves in the center of controversy after one of their teachers decided to show a special clip to a few students. Unfortunately, one girl was left completely sickened by the material – but it was the teachers next 8 words that just made everything worse. [...]
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