Photo Emerges Showing Blatant Racism At US Military Academy, Media Silent

May 5, 2016

Over the last several years, the slippery slope of political correctness in our military has evolved into a full-blown mudslide. A photo has now emerged, showing we have a new and very serious potential problem of blatant racism within our United States Military Academy (USMA), and it's not coming from the "usual suspects." What's worse, the mainstream media is silent, when there should be national outrage. [...]

No One Would Attend Her Son’s Birthday, So Mom Broke Down On Social Media

May 4, 2016

Little four-year old Taenon Briannan was looking forward to his birthday party. His mother Rachelle had invited a slew of guests and was ready for the big day, when everyone cancelled. Not wanting her son to know the devastating news, she took to social media, panicking as she related her heartbreaking story. That's when she got an unexpected response, and it's getting a lot of attention. [...]

Man Supposed To Be Out Of Town, Acts Quick After Odd Discovery In Backyard

May 4, 2016

Although he was supposed to be out of town at the time, a New York man got in an accident, preventing him from leaving. Much to his surprise, a series of events that followed would turn into quite the ordeal, as he later made a very odd discovery in his backyard – and that’s when he sprang into action. [...]

Family Goes To Wendy’s, Mom Irate After Making Deadly Find Inside Kid’s Cup

May 4, 2016

A mother took her daughters to Wendy's to have a quick meal. However, once they were finished with their food, the mother went to pick up all the trash and made quite the infuriating find inside her daughter's cup. The disgusting and potentially deadly discovery could have caused serious harm to the young girl – or anyone else for that matter. Now, she’s speaking out. [...]
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