Obama Thought He Could Sneak This One Past Us, But He Was Dead WRONG

February 7, 2016

As Barack Obama and his leftist minions in well-funded groups like Moms Demand Action seek to erode and eventually eliminate your right to keep and bear arms, they only manage to spur more civilians into firearms purchases. Now, new information has come out that shows that every single one of them are hypocrites on an epic scale. [...]

Pro-Rape Scumbag Accused Of Being Muslim, Here’s HIS Video That Tells All

February 6, 2016

Blogger and "pick-up artist" Daryrush Valizedeh, better known as "Roosh V," has made headlines since he declared that raping women in private should be legalized to give victims a “learning experience.” After receiving much deserved backlash, he now claims his statement was "satirical," but one look at his history indicates that his pro-rape stance is not a joke. Many have speculated whether Islam has played a part in forming his twisted views, and now, an old video from the attention whore has been dug up, and it tells all. [...]

Obama’s ‘Kingly’ Trips Just BACKFIRED, This Is Going To Cost Him BIG TIME

February 6, 2016

We all know that President Barack Obama has acted like royalty, rather than an elected official, since stepping foot in the White House with his lavish vacations being the biggest indicator of such. Unfortunately for him, it looks like all those “kingly” trips just caught up with him – and it’s going to cost him big time. [...]

Girl Takes In Muslim Migrant So He Won’t Be Deported, IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

February 6, 2016

A bleeding-heart American nanny wasted no time in welcoming in a Muslim migrant, who had raped an underage girl, in a liberal effort to save him from being deported. However, immediately after she gave him shelter in her apartment, he showed her just how grateful he was — providing the ultimate proof that leftist immigration policies don't work. [...]
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I don’t want another BUSH or CLINTON in the White House.

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