Repairman Catches Immigrant In Trees, Shocked When He Looks A Little Lower

June 26, 2016

A repairman was sent out to a rural California citrus grove to fix a problem the orchard was having with a pump. As he walked by a long row of trees, he heard a rustling in the leaves and spotted an immigrant behind some the branches. However, he wasn't expecting what he would notice when his eyes glanced down beneath him. [...]

Son Comes Home From School With Odd Stamp, Dad Irate To See What It Says

June 26, 2016

When we send our kids off to school, we assume they’re being supervised by people who will ensure their safety. When one father from Alabama saw an odd stamp that had been placed on his son’s arm during school, he initially thought it was for doing a good job. However, once he took a closer look, he was more than irate to see what it really said. [...]
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