Thug Tries To Rob IHOP Register, Server's 'Secret Weapon' Gives Him What He Deserves
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Thug Tries To Rob IHOP, Gets What He Deserves When Waiter Unleashes ‘Secret Weapon’

In San Antonio, Texas, a thug believed that he had devised the perfect plan to rob an IHOP restaurant and grab some quick cash. However, moments after he began to steal from the register, his plan began to crumble. In fact, he was met by a waiter who had overheard him and immediately unleashed his “secret weapon,” giving the thieving thug exactly what he deserved for his crime. […]

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Passerby Snaps Pic Of ‘Skin & Bones’ Homeless Man, Person He Least Expects Sees It Online

When a passerby spied a homeless man sitting by the side of the road, he was so moved by the man’s condition that he snapped a picture. The poor soul was just skin and bones, looking as though he hadn’t eaten a decent meal in weeks. Soon, the person who the homeless man least expected would see his photo online, and his whole life would change forever. […]

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Good Samaritan Sees Thug Stealing & Offers To Pay For Stolen Goods, Gets Horrific Surprise

A shocking video has emerged out of Los Angeles, California, when a thug was seen shoplifting by a good Samaritan who offered to pay for the merchandise that he was stealing. Sadly, as the good Samaritan leaves the store, the thug repays his offer of kindness with a truly horrific surprise. Now, police are looking for the evil man who committed this unspeakable act before he harms anyone else. […]

Secret Service Agent Bends Down At Trump’s Church, People Shocked By What’s Behind Pillar
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Secret Service Bends Down At Trump’s Church, People Shocked To See What’s Behind Pillar

President Donald Trump recently went to church to pray for the victims currently suffering in Texas, but it seems that the building is getting extra attention today for a different reason. As it turns out, a Secret Service officer was seen bent over on the front steps just a few hours later – and onlookers were left shocked to see what was behind the pillar that had his attention. […]

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Karma Bites Back At Washington Food Stamp Fraudsters Freeloading Off Of Taxpayer Dollars

A pair of store owners in Washington state just got busted big time and are now in for way more than they ever bargained after the feds caught on to their sick back room secret. Both owners have been arrested and are looking at years of epic karma coming their way for their wide scale food stamp fraud they committed as the freeloaders scammed Americans out of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. […]

Viral Pic Shows Obama Helping Flooded Texans, Then Someone Spots 1 Detail Liberals Missed

Viral Pic Shows Obama Helping Flooded Texans, Then Someone Spots 1 Detail Liberals Missed

Liberals everywhere have been sharing a picture of former President Barack Obama after he was pictured allegedly helping victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Unfortunately for the Trump-haters trying to use the photo to make the current president look bad, things spectacularly blew up in their face as a few keen eyes spotted one damning detail that everyone else seemed to miss. […]