Rep. Adam Schiff Demands Rule Change To Get Trump For Imaginary Crimes

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Rep. Adam Schiff is what Trump Derangement Syndrome would look like if it were a bobblehead doll. The California Democrat is obsessed with Donald Trump and dedicates every waking minute thinking of ways to destroy his presidency.

Rep. Adam Schiff (Photo Credit: Screenshot/CNN)

With no facts to support the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy theory, Schiff has been reduced to going after the President with a bogus campaign finance violation. The problem is, sitting presidents can’t be indicted, so Schiff is demanding a rule change so he can get Trump for a non-existent violation of the law.

Special counsel Robert Mueller was supposed to be investigating Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians to steal the 2016 election away from Hillary Clinton. What he’s actually doing is investigating and indicting Trump associates for things that have nothing to do with Russia, collusion, or the 2016 election.

Recently, Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations because he claimed he paid hush money to a couple of women alleging affairs with the President. But, even if what Cohen says is true, that he made payments on behalf of Trump to keep these women quiet, that doesn’t qualify as a campaign finance violation.

This would have been Donald Trump’s personal money being used for a personal matter. Cohen is a moron for pleading guilty to this because it’s not an actual crime, and if it were, campaign finance violations are not criminal jailable offenses. In fact, former President Barack Obama violated campaign finance laws in 2008 and was simply fined.

Schiff doesn’t care that what Cohen admitted to and Trump denies isn’t close to a prosecutable infraction, he’s determined to get the President and undo the will of the American people. The only thing standing in his way, besides reality, is a Justice Department ruling that sitting presidents can’t be indicted. 

“The indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions,” reads the rule.

Schiff went on CNN to lobby for a rule change to get Trump on trumped-up charges. “I think the Justice Department needs to re-examine that OLC opinion, the Office of Legal Counsel opinion, that you cannot indict a sitting president under circumstances in which the failure to do so may mean that person escapes justice,” Schiff told Wolf Blitzer.

When Trump was questioning the motivations of former FBI head James Comey and other Obama loyalists in the FBI, Democrats accused the President of undermining the Justice Department. Now that it’s politically expedient to his bogus cause, Schiff thinks the Justice Department is wrong. That’s how being full of crap works.

Trump’s election has caused Democrats to demand rewrites on most of our nation’s institutions. They want to abolish the Electoral College, get rid of the two Senators per state system, and hand executive branch powers to Congress. Here, Adam Schiff wants to get a “Trump exception” written into the Justice Department’s policy:

Schiff, the likely incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN there should be an exception to the Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion if a president leaves office and “can no longer be brought to justice.”

“I don’t think that the Justice Department ought to take the position — and it’s certainly not one that would be required in any way by the Constitution — that a president merely by being in office can be above the law … by waiting out the statute of limitations,” said Schiff.

He probably doesn’t realize it, but Schiff just admitted that Trump will win re-election in 2020. Campaign financing violations are subject to a five-year statute of limitations period. If Schiff needs to get a DoJ rule change to get Trump on this before the statute of limitations runs out, he’s saying Trump will still be in office in 2021.

The alleged violation happened in 2016 and five years after that it will be 2021. A sitting president can’t be indicted, so if the statute of limitations expires before Schiff can secure an indictment, that means Trump is still in the White House, having won reelection in 2020. Schiff’s crippling Trump Derangement Syndrome will likely contribute to Trump’s successful reelection campaign.

Adam Schiff has more nicknames than accomplishments as a Congressman. On the one hand, he’s known as “Shifty,” “Schiff-fer-Brains,” “Pencil Neck” and Trump recently dubbed him “Little Adam Schitt.” On the other hand, the only thing he’s done in office is waste time and money on his unnatural obsession with the duly-elected President of the United States, trying to get Trump on imaginary charges.

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