China Seeks to Take Over the World — Only Trump Stands in Their Way

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Over the last twenty years, communist China has dominated the global markets. The United States, Europe, and major nations abroad have bowed to this growing juggernaut. The damage to our economy and country is undeniable. Only one person in America has the guts to stand China down— President Donald Trump. 

President Donald Trump is the first American leader to truly challenge China in decades. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Cable news has been going on and on about so-called scandals within our government. The liberal media would have you believe that President Trump is only a few days away from being exposed, impeached, and indicted for crimes. The reality is far different, though.

The elitists who run our left-wing media companies are trying to distract Americans from Donald Trump’s continued success. The man who vowed to make America great again is making good on his word. There is a good reason why the left — and even some on the right — oppose him.

For the last twenty years, the United States, along with every other leading economic nation, has been bowing to the whims of China. Hiding behind the lie of “globalism,” our leadership has sold out our working and middle classes, all to make China rich.

Thousands of U.S. companies moved overseas for cheaper production, all ushered in under the banner of globalization. Gone were most American made products from textiles to toys to televisions. Sure, it wasn’t what the globalists told us what happened once China was welcomed into the World Trade community. [Source: Fox News]

We suffer from a $375 billion trade deficit with China. Because our companies moved production to China’s shores, the red nation stole countless patents, trademarks, and industry secrets. They then made billions from selling bootlegged versions of our products all over the world.

You’d think liberals would be outraged over such a betrayal, but even Hollywood ignores China’s economic and human rights abuses.

The Associated Press is reporting that a million Muslims are housed in internment camps in China…

And this Christmas season, I ask you to remember what’s happening to China’s estimated 100 million Christians. House church pastors and underground bishops are arrested for being threats to the state. Churches are bulldozed, crosses ripped off steeples. [Source: Fox News]

Shouldn’t the U.N. do something about this kind of thing? I guess not, when the culprit is one of the most powerful members of the Security Council!

Our leaders do nothing to hold China accountable for their abuses and crimes. Meanwhile, they oppose Trump on every policy. They have tried to undermine his immigration stance, his cutting of regulation, and his trade challenge to China. Shouldn’t they be supporting him, instead?

The globalists don’t really resist China. They resist Trump and are fighting the president, urging him to back off his tough trade policies with China. [Source: Fox News]

The good news is, Donald Trump isn’t playing their games. He has vowed to put Americans first. That is why he hit China with heavy tariffs. Experts screamed it would damage our economy. Instead, there are clear signs that Trump’s tariffs are bringing once-dead industries back to life.

The tariffs have contributed to growth both directly and indirectly in the four main areas where tariffs were imposed — steel, aluminum, solar panels, and washing machines. The U.S. has directly added more than 11,000 jobs as of August. Since then, more investments and jobs have been announced, including a massive $1.5 billion steel plant by Steel Dynamics that will employ some 600 workers. And in the solar arena, ‘Solar Power World’ magazine lists more than a dozen U.S. companies where new facilities have been started and/or expanded. [Source: Fox News]

If the Democrats had it their way, China would be stealing more U.S. jobs. American businesses would be giving blue collar jobs to illegal immigrants. And, the H1-B visa program would be used to give away many more white-collar jobs. The only way the United States can combat China’s global takeover is to hit them where it hurts: the pocketbook.

President Trump is trying to reverse decades of decline, lost wages, and a sinking economy. He is doing the impossible: bringing jobs back to the United States — jobs that give regular Americans economic independence and success. That’s the very thing Democrats in D.C. don’t want for us.

Luckily for us, Trump continues to defy the odds and their obstruction, but he needs our support. We must spread the word about Trump’s success. Every American must get behind the man making our country great again.