Diamond & Silk Destroy CNN’s Navarro After Unhinged Racist Attack On Them

Ana Navarro, who is a CNN contributor and also helps co-hosts The View, is so upset President Donald Trump isn’t losing the impeachment battle that she lashed out at all of the black Trump supporters. Navarro is an obnoxious unhinged Never Trumper who was also caught targeting Diamond and Silk in a sick racist attack, and that’s when she got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this.

Ana Navarro, Diamond & Silk (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshot, Youtube/Screenshot)

It all started when Ana Navarro co-hosted The View on Monday. Joy Behar was perplexed and extremely pissed off that Americans are not on board with impeaching President Donald Trump, and she led a discussion about that “hot topic.” That’s when Ana Navarro’s deep-seated frustration came out.

“I find [Americans refusing to back impeachment] incredibly disturbing. I am so upset by what I’ve seen as the de-moralizing actions against foreign um, against domestic patriots like [Lt. Col] Vindman. Like Fiona Hill. Like Ambassador Taylor, like [David] Holmes. We are attacking people who are serving our country and I think this is gonna have a long term effect,” Navarro said.

It was a Freudian slip when Navarro caught herself about to call Vindman and his cohorts “foreign patriots.” The 47-year-old “Republican strategist” is part of the GOP elite who hate Trump with a vengeance. Navarro refuses to acknowledge those like Vindman were going explicitly against orders from their Commander in Chief. They aren’t patriots, they’re traitors.

Coming off that show, Navarro remained like a spoiled brat who wasn’t getting her way. That’s when she mocked polls that showed significant black support for President Donald Trump, tweeting Monday afternoon that the polls “have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies.”

Ben Carson is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; “Kanye” is pop star and entrepreneur Kanye West; “that sheriff guy with the hat” refers to former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke; and the “two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies” appears to refer to Diamond and Silk, two prominent social media stars who support the president.

“The layers of idiocy [Navarro] piles on here are almost impressive. How someone can be this crass while being astoundingly incorrect is something to behold. Just for openers, it was not one outlier poll, as she implies. It is a pair of respected polls, and they came up with nearly identical results on the same question,” Red State reports. 

Navarro gets dismissive about noted black conservative figures, making them out to be rare exceptions and holding them up for scorn because they are going against her virulent anti-Trump opinions.

Once called out, Diamond and Silk responded to Navarro’s bile: “Beware of Deep State Snakes like Porky The Pig masquerading around like a Republican but acting like a Democrat rat. Shame on her for insulting black people because they choose to think for themselves & make their own decision to ditch the Democrat Plantation. #StopbeingARacist.”

That Navarro resorted to this base reaction only proves her true stance as a leftist. She needs to turn in her GOP membership and go sign up with the Democrats. 

When “Porky The Pig” was called out on her racist attacks, she refused to back down. Just like a radical leftist, Navarro is never ever wrong. In fact, when one person called her out on the statement, Ana tried the tired practice of saying essentially: “But Trump!”

“Bypassing the number of her examples that are provably inaccurate, let us just play devil’s advocate and say all of those examples were correct. How does that in any way mitigate the hatred behind her comments? Pointing at someone else and declaring, ‘But he said…’ in no way diminishes the crudeness in her statement. It is lame deflection and something that has not worked for some time now,” Red State adds.

Americans also weighed in on the Navarro debacle making it clear she remains an unhinged and obnoxious hater. 

“Ana Navarro Cardenas is a pundit, nothing more. She will never be successful like my girls Diamond and Silk. Jealousy speaks. A CNN commentator of course, well that explains a lot,” tweeted Laura Comer.

@realDonaldTrump: RACIST HATEFUL comment is /RACIST HATEFUL @ananavarro#FakeNews CNN won’t force apology or retraction, but we can make Navarro a PARIAH. Let’s get this organized for our favorites, @DiamondandSilk who don’t deserve this verbal abuse,” tweeted “Brenda Starr AZ.”

“Ana Navarro-Cardenas does not want to get on the bad side of Diamond and Silk, those two know how to defend themselves. They do not take kindly to being racially profiled!” tweeted “Pog.”

“What is wrong with Navarro? Diamond and Silk defend everyone’s rights! They are beautiful ladies. She’s just jealous!” tweeted “Rosebud.”

“Off course beautiful, smart, talent, gracious ladys Diamond and Silk, this woman Navarro is a bad example of Democrat Latinas. She is so racist, she has to be removed from the TV and any public area. Thanks Diamond and Silk for your outstanding job,” tweeted Rosa Avila.

Ana Navarro is just incredibly angry like all the other big-mouthed Democrat pundits on cable news. The low-down they are all hearing is impeachment is a bust. It’s over. Their three-year struggle to get rid of Trump isn’t happening.

Their large egos like Navarro’s can’t grasp they are wrong, and they are totally despised by the majority of Americans. Then, adding that African-Americans are leaving the Democrat plantation and rejecting Navarro’s Latino words of wisdom is just too much for her to take.

So, she rudely attacks “people of color” who are famous conservatives and Trump supporters in a public display of blatant racism. Navarro believes the politically correct rules don’t apply to her. She’s a Trump-hating Latina. She can get away with anything.

Navarro is as dumb as a box of rocks and a big fat hypocrite who wouldn’t be on any cable news shows if she was not an obnoxious hater of Trump, who relies on her own Hispanic roots as the only reason she claims she is relevant. Except the truth is her 15 minutes of fame was over three years ago the minute she confessed to being a GOP elite who saw all Trump supporters as “deplorable.”

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