Joy: Trump’s Lying About Democrats Wanting Open Borders, Americans Educate Her

Joy Behar is worried about the 2020 presidential election. She sees immigration as a key issue but is concerned that Americans will believe “lies” from President Donald Trump. “They must counteract Trump’s lie that Democrats want open borders. Democrats want legal immigration,” Behar declared. Well, that’s when Americans educated her with the truth. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

On Thursday morning, the shrews of The View discussed the upcoming Democratic debate. Every single co-host is against President Trump, so they were really excited as they discussed the candidates.

“I’ve seen some polls which have that a lot of people think that a woman can take on Trump best,” Sunny Hostin said. “Because he really doesn’t know how to do that well and we have seen that versus Nancy Pelosi out of all the people…”

“Or he is such a sexist he insults women,” Behar interjected.

“But he hasn’t really been able to gain much traction against a ‘Pelosi-type’ so they think Elizabeth Warren may be the person to take on Trump the best,” Hostin declared.

If you are laughing out loud, you’re not alone.  

Just who are these mystery people Sunny Hostin is referring to? What polls is she talking about? The elephant in the room over at The View is the glaring fact Hillary Clinton was a WOMAN. But the shrews were just getting warmed up, sharing their wealth of political wisdom.

That’s when Joy Behar began by voicing her own concerns about Sen. Elizabeth Warren, listing two reasons why she thought Americans might not vote for her.

“Can I say something about Elizabeth? I love Elizabeth Warren very much, and I think she would make a very good president, but I don’t believe — maybe I’m in the minority with liberals on this. I don’t believe that this country will vote for her because of two things,” Behar explained.

“Number one, she believes in Medicare for all without private insurance, and I have said before, Americans don’t like anything taken away from them. We like having that. She has put that out there, and she needs to take that out and say, well, you can have it if you want. As an option. Give Americans the choice,” Joy added.

“Number two, they must counteract Trump’s lie that Democrats want open borders. Democrats want legal immigration. They want people to come in legally the way we have done since this country began, starting with the Dutch, okay?” Behar concluded.

Joy Behar is completely delusional saying the Democrats are not for open borders. 

Democratic candidate Julian Castro managed to pull the Democratic primary field leftward on immigration during the campaign’s first debate by asking those on stage to commit to decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

All ten candidates on stage endorsed Castro’s plan, as did eight out of the ten candidates who took the stage the following night. If crossing the border is no longer “illegal,” then what else do you call that but “open borders?”

And if that’s not enough proof for big mouth Behar, then maybe she’ll believe Tulsi Gabbard, who is also a Democratic candidate for president and a Democratic Representative of Hawaii.

“I don’t support open borders. Without secure borders, we don’t really have a country,” Gabbard said. “And while some of the other Democratic candidates will say ‘well, open borders that’s a conservative argument and that’s not really what’s being advocated for’ — if you look at the practical implications of some of the things they’re advocating for, it is essentially open borders.”

Americans also weighed in on Joy’s delusional state. 

“Who wants to tell Joy every single Democrat raised their hands for open borders on the last debate??? ALL of them raised their hand. Game Over,” tweeted Twitter user “Winning.”

“Joy BEHAR, you are such a liar. I don’t have to detail your lies, it’s just everything you say. One of the biggest is that democrats don’t want open borders. Everything they say and do disputes that,” tweeted Twitter user “JoBill.”

@TheView @ABC @ABCNetwork. Joy on The View said Demon crats don’t want ‘Open Borders’ what a lie. Joy says President Trump Lies. Dems don’t want the WALL,” tweeted “OneNationUnderGod.” They added, “Democrats want Open Borders and they want illegals in America and to give them free Health Insurance. I guess she doesn’t listen to Democrats. Biden, Harris, Warren, Schumer, Pelosi.”

@TheView. Oh Joy, you were always for open borders. Why are you saying you’re not now? Biggest liar ever! How many lies does that make you saying now! A ba-zillion!” tweeted Twitter user “Linda.”

“I don’t need to watch the #DemocraticDebate to give you a recap. Pretty much goes like this : Open borders for illegals, healthcare for illegals, Trump is bad , We will ban fossil fuels, Free sh*t, free sh*t , free sh*t and at least 3 Democrats will start speaking Spanish,” tweeted “Oaktown Unfiltered.”

The Democrats are for open borders, government-run healthcare for all, free tuition for college, huge tax hikes, and all-around free stuff for everyone who isn’t working.

Their government-run healthcare will be a disaster. Wait times for seeing a doctor will be 6-8 weeks. If you have cancer and need surgery, your wait time will be 6-12 months, and of course, you are dead by then. For those who are healthy but have “real jobs,” you will be taxed 60-80% to pay for all the Democratic promises.

Joy Behar is just a blowhard who has no clue about politics or what these Democratic candidates stand for. Luckily, the American electorate is smart enough to know if the Democratic Party gains the White House, it will be the end of this country as we know it.

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