Thousands Affected By Gov’t Shutdown, So Elizabeth Warren’s Donating Her Salary

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You might be frustrated by the government shutdown. Perhaps you are one of the thousands of Americans who are going without a paycheck. Many people are hurt because of the games Congress is playing. But fear not! Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 hopeful, has decided to donate her salary to what she feels is a worthy cause.

Elizabeth Warren thinks she has a ghost of a chance running against Donald Trump in 2020. (Photo Credit: ElizabethForMA/Flickr)

For years, we’ve heard about Sen. Warren. The left-wing politician has been trying to raise her profile for some time. Most believe it’s because she thinks she has a chance at beating Donald Trump in 2020.

Trump has been eating her lunch every time Warren pops up in the news. We all remember her “Native American” fiasco. For a very long time, Warren claimed she was descended of Native Americans. The president goaded her into proving it with a DNA test. She did, only to prove she had less Native American DNA than the average white person.

Plus, the Cherokee nation rebuked her over the stunt. Ouch.

Now, more news is stirring that Warren is trying to set the stage for a presidential run. She has popped up in the news once again, only to be smacked down by the POTUS. Perhaps she should learn to just stay out of the spotlight.

Too late! She recently tweeted about the government shutdown. She admits that over 7,000 people in her state will go without pay for perhaps months. In a pathetic attempt to appear generous, she promised to donate her pay. Yes, Warren still gets paid during the shutdown.

But she’s not giving her cash to broke Americans. She donating it to… refugees.

It’s been true for a while, but now there’s no doubt: everything Sen. Elizabeth Warren does, from changing her Twitter handle to awkwardly opening a beer bottle, has to be seen through the lens of a woman campaigning for president in 2020.

So, it says a lot about Democrat policies that Warren pledged on New Year’s Day to donate her salary after learning that more than 7,000 American citizens in Massachusetts would be working for delayed pay because of the limited government shutdown.

What? 7,000 people in her home state are “working without pay,” so she’s donating her salary to a nonprofit that helps refugees? As in, non-U.S. citizens? That’s some serious trickle-up economics right there. [Source: Twitchy]

In one tweet, Warren admits Americans will go without pay, but then says she’s giving her pay to refugees? Does she really think the one thing will help the other? How does this make “our country stronger in the process”?

Perhaps it makes this organization stronger, given they have more cash. But if you think this is any more than a political stunt to make Warren look good to liberals, think again.

Americans are hurting because of the temper tantrum Democrats are throwing. They could have easily voted for the budget that included funds for the wall. But they refused, forcing the shutdown. Democrats don’t want a wall that will protect Americans. Democrats don’t care when Americans are out of work and not getting paid.

Now, we see a Democrat giving her pay to help refugees. Once again, a Democrat is ignoring Americans to help outsiders.

Makes sense when you think about it. For the last few years, Democrats have been trying to import voters from other countries. They don’t care about getting American citizens to vote anymore. They just want illegal immigrants, migrants, and refugees to vote for them.

That’s why they’ve been pushing far-left socialist programs so much, these days. Americans want good-paying jobs, low taxes, and less government interference. But poor refugees don’t care. In fact, they may like getting free healthcare, food stamps, clothing, and housing. It doesn’t matter if it destroys our economy and imposes a political system that has never worked anywhere.

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t care about the people of Massachusetts. Or any Americans. She’s only interested in winning over migrants and refugees. That’s why Democrats are opposing the wall and immigration enforcement. They need those people to vote in 2020.

We need to spread the word about Warren. This woman does not deserve to serve Americans. She certainly doesn’t deserve to get anywhere near the White House.