Young GOP Congresswoman Scares Hell Out Of Schiff, Exposes His Dirty Game

Nancy Pelosi couldn’t predict that the youngest GOP congresswoman, who sits on Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee and has been present for every bit of his inquiry, would speak out and scare the hell out of him and his handlers. Well, that’s exactly what Rep. Elise Stefanik just did by exposing Schiff’s behind the scenes dirty dealings and tactics. You’ll love this.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (left) Rep. Adam Schiff (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

In 2014, a 30-year-old Elise Stefanik ran for Congress and won. Stefanik became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress at that time, a record Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broke when the former bartender got elected at 29 years old.

There is a vast difference between Stefanik and AOC. Stefanik graduated from Harvard in 2006 where she received the coveted Women’s Leadership Award. The New York Republican grabbed the attention of Americans when she singlehandedly caught former FBI Director James Comey in a brazen lie on the Trump-Russia collusion case.

Despite her age, Stefanik has proven her political chops. AOC is as daft as the day is long. 

Stefanik’s probative line of questioning of Comey went viral back in 2017. Now, she finds herself on Schiff’s House Intel Committee, and once again she in the spotlight. This time Stefanik is taking on Adam Schiff and his handlers, and she is exposing their dirty impeachment scheme.

“Ms. Stefanik has had enough of the schemes and games and is publicly calling out Chairman Schiff for his manipulation of the impeachment process,” Conservative Treehouse reports. “This type of push-back is good, because Pelosi and Schiff’s crew are comfortable with the customary GOP push-back from McCarthy, Jordan, Meadows, Gaetz, Collins, Nunes etc. However, the Lawfare crowd is not prepared to deal with the optics of a more dangerous Stefanik.”

Stefanik says Schiff is unfit to chair the Intel Committee while exposing his dirty dealings that she claims are affecting every American. 

“This has been a closed-door unfair and unprecedented process,” Stefanik said. “Tens of millions of Americans should know that their member of Congress has had no access to any of the transcripts. In fact, no member has been able to read every transcript.”

“And let me tell you why. There have been only two transcripts made available to committee members,” Stefanik added. “The first is Kurt Volker’s, and the second is Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s. We were notified this week, at our staff level, that they would only be printing one transcript for every single member, whether you are on the committee or not. And you would have to read it with a member of Democrat staff.”

“That is unprecedented and unfair,” Stefanik stressed. “Again, I sit on the Intelligence Committee. I strongly believe every member of Congress should have access to every single transcript because the question begs, how are these members talking about this in their district? How are they so sure about the Democratic support for impeachment when they don’t have access to the very evidence of this closed process?”

“And I also believe every transcript should be released to the American public,” Stefanik declared. “We continue to see press reports of cherry-picked portions of transcripts. That’s breaking the rules, but I believe this should be transparent. This is not a political game. It is a very, very, serious process, and Chairman Schiff is unfit to chair the Intelligence Committee, and these are many of the process reasons why.”

When the investigators at the Conservative Treehouse claim “the Lawfare crowd is not prepared to deal with the optics of a more dangerous Stefanik,” they are spot on.

Elise Stefanik represents a rather moderate district in New York. She isn’t part of the “Trump Train” and that is what makes her statements so damning to Schiff and his handlers otherwise known as the “Lawfare crowd.”

This entire impeachment scheme was hatched by a group of swamp dwellers called the Lawfare group. They are the attorneys who likely penned Schiff’s whistleblower complaint, and are counseling him behind the scenes.

They are well known for being behind many anti-Trump schemes like the Christine Blasely-Ford debacle, and they are great pals and golfing buddies with James Comey. They also allegedly helped Comey concoct much of his testimony about the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Lawfare is the epitome of the swamp. They are the “intellectual” guys who stay in the shadows, however, we all have been impacted by their work. Elise Stefanik is the type of GOP politician who ticks all the right boxes for Lawfare: she’s a Harvard graduate, she’s not a hardcore conservative, and she worked for Rep. Paul Ryan inside the George W. Bush White House.

Yet, when it comes to getting rid of Trump, Stefanik won’t play their Never Trumper game. She sees a total travesty being carried out, and she is doing her duty and alerting the American people.

When she asks how can the Democrats be so sure about having Americans’ support for impeachment when no one in the country has seen the evidence, it goes to the very core of this impeachment inquiry’s problems. We all owe Ms. Stefanik a debt of gratitude for standing up for truth and justice.

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