Joy: No One With A Brain Takes Hydroxychloroquine, GOP Rep. Shuts Her Up With Truth

Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania was a guest on The View on Tuesday to discuss COVID-19. The GOP Congressman mentioned taking hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug that has shown great promise in some studies. “I can’t believe anyone with a brain would take that stuff,” Joy Behar declared. That’s when sparks flew as Rep. Kelly shut up Behar without losing his cool. You’ll love this.

Rep. Mike Kelly, Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly, 72, revealed that he took hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 after he was infected with the coronavirus. He was diagnosed with the virus in March and has since recovered.

During an interview on The View Tuesday, Kelly explained some of his symptoms and revealed that he was prescribed hydroxychloroquine.

“I thought at first I just had some strain of the flu,” he said. “I didn’t really recognize it as something that I hadn’t had before. My wife, though, was very, very aware of it and said, ‘You know what, you’re sleeping with two blankets on, you’re still cold, you’re not eating, you have no sense of taste, and when you sleep, you’re sleeping like 16 to 18 hours a day, and you’re still tired.'”

Kelly said that within a day of getting tested, “they told me, ‘Listen, you have the virus, so what we want you to do is stay home, and we’ll prescribe stuff.’ So a Z-Pak, which most people use, and then the hydroxychloroquine, I took it. So maybe that reduced the effects on me, but I didn’t have the respiratory part, which is a real blessing.”

That’s when Joy Behar attempted to trash Rep. Kelly over the anti-malarial drug. For Behar, this is political and has nothing to do with hydroxychloroquine. 

“Wow. I can’t believe anybody with a brain would take that stuff,” Joy said. “But you seem like an intelligent guy. You’re a representative in Congress. Why would you take that drug? There are terrible consequences.”

This just isn’t true, and anyone with half a brain knows the Democrats started attacking hydroxychloroquine right after the president began praising its possible effectiveness in April.

Rep. Kelly knows where Behar is coming from and had no problem shutting her down. 

“I appreciate that’s your view, that’s not my view,” the lawmaker responded. “And we’re on The View, but let me say this to you. In my case, I can’t say definitively that’s what cured me, but I can say definitively that I took it, and I can say that I went through a period of time that I was sick. I came out of it within about nine days, and then I self-quarantined for another month on top of that.”

Dr. Daniel J. Wallace is a board-certified internist and rheumatologist. A Clinical Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, he is the Associate Director of the Rheumatology Fellowship Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

He offered his findings. Dr. Wallace has been prescribing hydroxychloroquine to over 800 patients since 2019. None of those patients developed COVID-19.

How many times did a patient have a side effect in the last 40 years of prescribing it? Zero times. Dr. Wallace assured Americans it is one of the safest drugs out there right now.

Meanwhile, you have the Democrats having meltdowns over the president taking this drug. Even the Hollywood Trump-haters were mocking and cussing as they displayed their utter ignorance on the subject.

“Dr. Trump’s prescription for fighting Covid-19: Daily dose of hydroxychloroquine washed down with a cup of bleach. He’s not only a f*cking moron, he’s a deadly one,” tweeted Rob Reiner.

“The president says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine to protect himself from Covid-19, even though it’s been shown to be completely ineffective. Side effects are paranoia, hallucinations & psychosis. I guess he’s been taking it for YEARS!” tweeted Bette Midler.

How much do you want to bet if Rob Reiner or Bette Midler was diagnosed with COVID they would be asking their physicians to prescribe the anti-malarial drug? We would even wager a few of these elderly Trump-haters is taking it on the lowdown prophylactically. It’s a smart move. The big backlash by leftists over this drug is just another indication of how Trump lives rent-free in their heads.

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