Joy Claims Trump’s a Stupid Cornered Rat Who’s Going to Jail, Gets Reality Check

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Joy Behar just proved she’s one of the most ignorant haters of President Donald Trump out there. The 76-year-old View co-host thinks the president “attacked” Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because he is “a stupid cornered rat running scared.” She added he’ll soon be “going to jail.” Well, the joke is on Behar as she instantly got a huge reality check. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The View is so proud they were named “the number one political show in America” by the New York Times. Why is it that co-host Joy Behar is one of the most ignorant people in America when it comes to politics?

President Donald Trump has proven he is one of the most astute political players of this century. This is an unbiased statement. Trump won the presidency with little money backed by no big players or Political Action Committees (PACs).

Yet, Behar claims he is so scared he lashed out at those Democratic Congresswomen. Joy sees it as a big mistake on Trump’s part. Well, she couldn’t be more wrong.

Behar said, “I would like to talk about the fact that he is running very scared right now. Look at what is going on. Mueller is going to come out next week and talk. Barr and Trump do not know what Mueller is going to say. They don’t really know, so he’s scared. He’s scared about this Epstein case which could be a real bag of worms in there. There are photographs of him with this guy Epstein. We’re talking about child molestation, child rape. Acosta just had to resign in disgrace. E. Jean Carroll is threatening to open an investigation.”

She continued, “If he doesn’t win in 2020, he will be indicted and possibly go to jail. He is like a cornered rat. He doesn’t know policy. All he does is attack people’s ethnicities and their race because he doesn’t have a clue about what the policy are. He’s stupid. I think he’s stupid.”

Not only is Trump not running scared, but he has also achieved the goal to link the Democratic Party at large under the far-leftist tent occupied by AOC and Omar. 

Before Trump singled them out as anti-American, anti-Semitic socialists, who hate this country, Nancy Pelosi was in the process of throwing them under the bus. Why? Pelosi knows Americans have widely rejected them based on internal polling the Democrats did back in May that was just leaked to the press.

Trump forced Pelosi to embrace them once again. Now, they are the face of the Democratic Party. 

The internal Democrat polling was leaked to Axios. It freaked the Democratic leaders out. It polled independent swing-voters in the mid-west who are the most important voters in a presidential race. In 2016 they tipped those swing states for Trump. In 2008 and 2012 they tipped those states for Barack Obama.

AOC has a twenty-two percent approval rating and Omar’s approval is a dire nine percent with those swing state independent voters. You see why Trump isn’t running scared, nor is he cornered like a rat.

As far as Behar’s other outlandish accusations about Epstein and E. Jean Carroll, that’s a total joke. Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago years ago. E. Jean Carroll? Please, the world knows that woman is whacked. Her story is so fake even major publications like the New York Post have deleted her claims.

Americans who tuned into The View blasted big mouth Behar’s ridiculous remarks on AOC and Omar. 

“That’s right. They are not going to come here and insult America and insult are allies and try to change us to Islamic views and ideology. We are not going to be manipulated in to thinking our President is racist or Islamphobic,” Melissa Hunt said.

“I don’t agree with the context on what Trump said..BUT I’ll say this. Those four ladies ARE the poison with in the Democrats. Pelosi knows it, almost any experienced Democrat knows this. They will be the four that does a LOT of damage to Democrats and helps Trump get reelected,” tweeted Robert John.

I Give You @TheView @WhoopiGoldberg says she hopes these 4 so-called #Squad is the voice of the Democratic Party ! Ha! Welcome back into the White House for 4 more years @POTUS,” tweeted Elizabeth Carver. 

Joy Behar is in for a very big upset come 2020. 

She is still spewing conspiracy theories and is delusional about her take on President Trump and American politics. Americans are not going to embrace the far-left policies the current Democratic frontrunners are endorsing. Even Barack Obama held back much of his leftist ideals to be elected.

Trump pressed Pelosi into a corner making her defend the anti-American “squad,” and now its the Democratic leaders who are running scared. Pop the popcorn, my fellow Americans. Election season is here, and unless something catastrophic happens, we can sit back and watch Trump sail to re-election.

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