Chris Wallace Insists HHS Alex Azar Call Biden ‘Pres-Elect,’ Doesn’t End Well

Fox News’ Chris Wallace went a little nuts after HHS Secretary Alex Azar, who is a huge supporter of President Donald Trump, referred to Joe Biden as the former vice-president on his Sunday morning show. “He’s the president-elect, sir,” Wallace interjected three times. Well, it didn’t end well for the Trump-hating Wallace. You’ll love this.

Chris Wallace, Alex Azar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Fox News continues to circle the drain, and it’s no wonder why some of the network’s once-loyal viewers have made an exodus following the presidential election. FNC showed it’s true colors on Election Night by calling Arizona for Biden absurdly early, refusing to call states for Trump, and rushing to anoint Biden president-elect.

Newsmax’s White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson noted on November 11: “Let me tell you how big the exodus from @FoxNews has become. Fox has hired a crisis management team to handle PR for their ratings crisis. #Foxit is real & it’s spectacular.”

Alex Azar, who is the acting secretary of Health and Human Services, showed up as a guest on Chris Wallace’s Sunday Fox News show. Wallace was on the warpath attempting to demean the Trump administration’s handling of the Covid crisis.

Wallace started out by showing a clip from April 3. Trump said wearing masks is “voluntary,” and Wallace said the president blew it and should have “urged everyone to wear a mask like Joe Biden is doing now.”

“Well, Chris, I welcome Vice-President Biden to the club. Since April the president’s guidelines for reopening have been wearing masks…” Azar replied with noted sarcasm.

“He’s the president-elect, sir, He’s the president-elect,” Wallace rudely interrupted.

Azar didn’t miss a beat. He refused to be goaded by the Trump-hating Wallace and just kept on talking. When Azar finished his response, Wallace tried to correct him once again.

“But first off, it’s the president-elect Joe Biden, Secretary Azar,” Wallace declared.

HHS Secretary Azar wasn’t going to be bullied by Chris Wallace. He just stared at the Fox News anchor and refused to call Biden president-elect.

Americans also blasted Chris Wallace on social media.

“Azar is correct. Biden is not the President-elect until the Electoral College gives him at least 270 votes once they meet. They haven’t met yet… and the outcome is still up in the air given massive, documented election fraud,” tweeted Ken Carter.

“Biden should appoint Chris Wallace his Propaganda Minister. His Brutal Bias qualifies him as nothing else….” tweeted “President-Elect Richard Manner.”

“How can there be a President-elect before the electoral college meets?” tweeted “WindTalker.”

“I don’t think Alex Azar gave two sh*ts what Chris Wallace said. He’s a douche! I hate the sound and tone of Wallace’s voice and the way he speaks,” tweeted “Brown-Eyed Girl.”

“Frankly, my dear audience, Chris Wallace may be referred to as a POLITICAL ASS!! Stick that up your correction, Chris!” tweeted Daniel F. Baranowski.

“I still can’t believe Chris Wallace. HHS Sec Alex Azar referred to Biden as Vice President Biden. Wallace immediately corrected him 3 times, stating firmly, ‘he’s President-Elect Biden.’ Thankfully, Azar ignored him,” tweeted TC Williamson.

With almost half of American voters believing Biden stole the election, those like Chris Wallace are going to have a difficult time moving forward no matter what happens in the end. Americans in blue states are rejecting the draconian Covid policies, including law enforcement officials in California.

You can’t rule We the People if we believe you have no authority to do so. Joe Biden and his handlers have failed to grasp the American spirit of liberty and freedom at any cost, which refuses to be constrained by overbearing government controls.

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