Justin Timberlake: I’ll Help Pay Bail For Arrested Protesters. Ted Cruz Suggests Better Use Of His Money

Ted Cruz has ripped into Justin Timberlake over his offer to bail out protesters. The senator has suggested a better use of the celebrity’s money, and it’s perfect.

Ted Cruz, Justin Timberlake (Photo Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore 1, 2)

Grammy-winning singer and megastar Justin Timberlake urged his fans to follow in his footsteps and donate to an organization providing bail money for protesters, and it didn’t sit well with Senator Ted Cruz. The Texas Republican took to Twitter with a better idea for Justin and the use of his money.

“Please join me in supporting the Minneapolis protestors by donating to the @mnfreedomfund,” Timberlake tweeted, adding his voice to the celebrities offering to fund bail for “protestors” who were too poor to make bail. “The freedom fund is combating the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low-income individuals who cannot otherwise afford: minnesoatafreedomfund.org.”

Now, let me point out the obvious here. Protesting is protected by the First Amendment. When it is done peacefully and lawfully, it does not typically result in arrest. What does result in an arrest and the need for bail, however, is unlawful protesting and rioting. So, in essence, Timberlake is offering to bail out possible rioters and looters. After all, is he going to review each arrest to ensure he’s not bailing out someone who committed a violent crime? Of course not.

And, that’s what is setting people off, including Senator Cruz, who suggested that Timberlake instead offer his support to law-abiding citizens who had been harmed by the looters and rioters among the protesters. “Justin, how about giving your millions to a fund to help the African-American and Hispanic small businesses that are being burned & looted, rather than a fund to bail out the spoiled (often white) ANTIFA terrorists who are destroying minority communities?” Cruz asked on Twitter in response to the singer’s tweet.

Cruz also took issue with Jeremiah Ellison, a Democrat City council member representing North Minneapolis, who tweeted his support for Antifa. “This is deranged. They are literally burning your city,” Cruz responded bluntly.

Cruz’s sharp responses come after our country experienced yet another night of violent protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. However, as President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr have emphasized, many of these “protesters” seem to be associated with radical leftist groups, like Antifa, and have engaged in lawless behavior that’s far from a peaceful protest against police brutality.

Video after video has circulated on social media, showing rioters assaulting police officers and looters pillaging businesses in the name of “justice.” This was on full display in the City of Brotherly Love Sunday when rioters destroyed a line of police vehicles as officers moved to protect local businesses from looters in Philadelphia. Many of those businesses were minority-owned, according to FOX 29’s Steve Keeley:

Not only were many of the business minority-owned, but they are also the places “where many of the poorest residents shop for food and clothes,” according to Keeley, who shared the troubling images from Philly. Sadly, the Pennsylvania city was not alone in the destruction it saw. Minority business owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota, also faced similar hardships over the weekend as rioters consumed the city. And, even more upsetting is the fact that rioters were made aware that they were destroying the livelihoods of minorities, but they did it anyway.

“Some [minority business owners] tried to protect their businesses against looting by taping messages of solidarity in their windows, including ‘African owned business’ and ‘We support our small diverse and minority businesses.’ But those windows were broken overnight, too, leaving security guards sweeping up the shattered glass Friday,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

All of this, as merchants were already suffering a loss of business due to the coronavirus. Elmi, a local merchant, and his restaurant supplier, Mohammoud Abdi, said the damage reminded them of their youth in Somalia, where they watched militants roam as the government lost control of the country. “We never expected this,” said Elmi.

The impact of the destruction from rioters was also highlighted in a report by KSTP, which featured an interview with a disabled south Minneapolis resident on Saturday. When asked how she was doing amid the chaos and destruction, Stephanie Wilford wept uncontrollably as she explained that the only stores she could reach were being destroyed.

“I have nowhere to go now. I have no way to get there because the buses aren’t running,” she sobbed. “These people did this for no reason. It’s not going to bring George (Floyd) back here.”

"People did this for no reason"Ben Henry KSTP captured a powerful interview with Stephanie Wilford, a south Minneapolis resident. She describes how the damage from riots has affected her, and others in the community. Full story/interview here – https://kstp.com/minnesota-news/minneapolis-twin-cities-community-reaction-riots/5745543/?cat=1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KSTP-TV

Posted by KSTP-TV on Saturday, May 30, 2020

As for Justin Timberlake, Ted Cruz wasn’t the only one who was disgusted by his offer and suggestion. Former Secret Service agent and conservative commentator Dan Bongino also slammed the singer, posting a viral video showing a group beating a woman outside of a Rochester business with lumber. “Is @jtimberlake going to bail them out?” Bongino asked.

Justin Timberlake is not alone in his misguided endeavors. Several celebrities, including actor Steve Carell and singer Harry Styles, donated to the cause, which is bailing out protesters who are wreaking havoc and sowing civil discord across America. We can only wonder, when it’s time to rebuild the cities that are being destroyed, will these celebrity elites be so willing to open their wallets then?

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