OPINION: Maxine Suffers Brain Malfunction On TV, Proves It’s Time To Step Down

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Maxine Waters is giving Nancy Pelosi some big competition at suffering brain malfunctions in public. Yesterday, the 80-year-old Waters was on live TV when she got all confused talking about President Donald Trump and her take on the Mueller report. This isn’t the first time the elderly Congresswoman has had an incident proving it’s time she steps down. Don’t miss this.

Maxine Waters (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

We all know Nancy Pelosi is having issues with brain freezes and glitches. Now, we have Maxine Waters having her own brand of difficulties. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are the Democrats’ tag team of gibberish and nonsense.

Waters, a frequent critic of President Trump and an advocate for his impeachment since the days after his inauguration, suffered a brain malfunction during “AM Joy” this weekend.

“Well, I’m disappointed,” she said of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “I’m disappointed for a number of reasons.

“We put a lot of faith and confidence in Mueller,” Waters told Joy Reid. “I think he did a pretty decent job. I believe that there is enough information to make a determination about there haven’t been concu-sion,” she said. Which seemed to be a mix of conclusion and collusion?

“He, uh, uh, with uh, uh, collusion, rather,” she corrected. “He did not conclude that in the report. He did basically identify that there was obstruction of justice,” she insisted.

What makes matter worse, Mad Maxine then makes no sense by concluding Robert Mueller thinks AG Bill Barr’s summary “misrepresented” his report and then having to admit Mueller doesn’t want to testify—which he would do happily if he really thought it had been “misrepresented.”

Wacky Waters catches herself in her failed logic on Mueller by saying: “He doesn’t want to do that, I don’t get it.” Well, Maxine doesn’t “get it” because she has all her facts wrong. But that’s not all.

Back in 2008, Waters was lecturing oil company executives at a congressional hearing when she had a massive brain freeze and then plainly stated her true intentions: “Guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be about socializing uh, umm, umm.” About 20 seconds pass as her brain freezes. Then, her brain is malfunctioning so badly, it’s like taking truth serum.

Would be about, basically, taking over, and the government running all of your companies,” admitted Mad Maxine.

In 2011, Waters was caught saying Democrats should make the GOP “walk the plank.”

“We were basically held up in raising the debt ceiling until they got all of those budget cuts they demanded,” said Maxine. “We didn’t raise any revenue, and they didn’t close any tax loopholes. I believe the Democratic Party and the President of the United States should not have backed down. We should have made them walk the plank.”

And just last month, the 80-year-old Trump hater was caught demanding to know what these horrible bank CEO’s were going to do about all the poor young Americans in debt by student loans. Of course, it’s the government who took over the student loans in 2010 when Maxine’s party was in power under Barack Obama.

And as head of the House Finance Committee, Wacky Waters should have known that.

Maxine says: “What are you guys doing to help us with the student loan debt? Who would like to answer first? Mr. Monihan? Big bank?”

“We stopped making student loans in 2007 or so,” Mr. Monihan responded.

With sarcasm in her voice, Waters said, “So you don’t do it anymore?” She then immediately moved on to the next banker. Come hell or high water, Auntie Maxine would get her man and bring him to justice.

“Mr. Corbyn?” asked Maxine. You could feel the tension in the room.

He replied, “We exited student lending in 2009.”

Waters moved on, “Mr. Dimon?”

“When the government took over student lending in 2010, we stopped doing all student lending,” he replied.

This is what happens when there are no term limits and you have a Democratic Party that has fooled many African-Americans in the ghetto that the only party looking out for them is the party of Auntie Maxine.

She thinks she can fake it before she makes it. The only problem is she is 80-years-old and isn’t even trying to do her job right. Well, she better get used to being the laughing stock of Capitol Hill.

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