Michelle’s Worst Nightmare: Loyal Supporters Slam Her As ‘Un-Woke’ On Live TV

Michelle Obama just got thrown under the bus by her most loyal supporters. In a shocking move, the very people the former first lady could always count on abandoned her, and they are calling her totally “un-woke.” The 55-year-old Obama must be fuming as her adversaries are saying, “Her reign of terror has ended.”  You don’t want to miss this.

Michelle Obama in London (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

No one could have predicted Michelle Obama would be thrown under the bus by the very people who are responsible for so much of her success. If anyone is responsible for Barack Obama winning the presidency, it would be those who were responsible for vetting him — the mainstream media, who refused to vet Barack properly because they were so enamored with the community organizer.

No one thought we’d see the day CNN would speak one bad word about Barack or Michelle. Well, that just happened. That’s right, it happened. CNN has broken the unspoken rule: never speak ill of the Obamas, ever. That happened last night when Michelle was taken to task on CNN over her remarks at the O2 Arena in London.

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And it’s been a bad couple of weeks for Michelle. First, she rolls into Denmark for a book tour stop and gets slammed hard by the Danish women who found her to be “boring and trite.” Then, she ends up at the 02 Arena in London where she made the now infamous remarks that led to CNN calling her “remarkably un-woke.”

This has got to sting as the former first lady’s remarks were on her nemesis, President Donald Trump. It all started when she added Stephen Colbert to her London stop. Trying to be funny, Michelle made the big mistake of attempting to come off as a late-night host.

Colbert tried to cue Ms. Obama to a joke about Trump they obviously had rehearsed in advance. “America is like a teenager..,” said Colbert hoping to jar Michelle’s memory.

“We are a teenager, we talked about this,” said Obama pointing at the late-night funnyman. “And we come from a broken family. We’re a teenager, you know,” laughed Michelle. “We’re a little unsettled, you know, having good parents, you know, is tough,” said Michelle as she struggled to remember her lines. Colbert looked frightened.

“Sometimes you spend weekends with divorced dads, you know, it feels like its fun but then you get sick. That’s what America is going through, we’re kinda living with the divorced dad,” chuckled Michelle. The crowd waited until Colbert pretended to laugh his butt off, then they politely laughed not fully understanding what was so damn funny to the two Americans on stage.

CNN devoted an entire segment to bashing the former first lady. First, CNN host Dana Bash called it “remarkably un-woke,” and added, “some divorced fathers have taken umbrage at the remark.”

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Then, CNN reporter Kate Bennett said it “was a really big misstep on her part” and the network aired a segment rounding up negative reactions from social media users who said they were divorced dads. “She’s out of touch,” and “she hasn’t said anything about being wrong about saying it,” added Bennett. In other words, they are urging Michelle to apologize.

But that’s not all. Even People Magazine is piling on Michelle. “In a Tuesday blog post, writer Jordan Shapiro, a divorced father of two, said Obama’s ‘decision to perpetuate the divorced dad stigma is unfortunate. It not only undermines millions of unmarried fathers who are trying to do what’s best for their children, but also reinforces a way of conceptualizing family life that does more harm than good,’” reported People Magazine. 

Americans were upset and made it known on social media. “@MichelleObama how dare you disrespect divorced dads. Many are the ones who are left to raise their children when mothers are absent or incapable. Way to promote a poor stereotype in the interest of scoring cheap points. @L8showcolbert, glad you found that so funny. Shameful,” posted Twitter user “Alan.”

Making matter worse for Michelle, guess where she was as Notre Dame Cathedral was burning down? Yep, the former first lady was in Paris. In fact, TMZ caught her drinking champagne as she watched the 859-year-old iconic church burn while on board a luxury yacht on the nearby river Seine. The yacht was so close they had to avert the tour as the Seine River passes right by Notre Dame.

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To put it mildly, Michelle Obama had the worst PR week of her life. First, she gets hammered with ugly reviews in Demark, then rolls into London and makes her now infamous “divorced dad” remarks getting pounded by CNN, and tops the whole thing off with drinking champagne as Notre Dame burns.

In all fairness, TMZ noted Michelle looked concerned as she viewed a video of the Notre Dame fire. However, the optics weren’t her finest moment. Poor Michelle, the love affair with the mainstream media is officially over, and like a jilted lover, the former first lady must be feeling rather exposed. No longer can she count on the fake news networks to cover up her every misstep.

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