Mika Brzezinski Mysteriously Disappears After Homophobic Mike Pompeo Slur

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Yesterday, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski used a homophobe slur to describe Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Now, she’s mysteriously disappeared as a glaring double standard comes into play. 

Mika Brzezinski (left), Mike Pompeo (right) (Photo credit: screenshot MSNC/Fox & Friends)

Yesterday, Mika Brzezinski was interviewing Illinois Senator Dick Durbin about Saudi Arabia and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Brzezinski was furious that President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are conducting a thorough investigation and haven’t just arrested the entire Saudi royal family before all of the facts are in.

Then, she said this: “I understand that Donald Trump doesn’t care, but why doesn’t Mike Pompeo care right now? Are the pathetic deflections that we just heard when he appeared on Fox & Friends — is that a patriot speaking or a wannabe dictator’s butt-boy?” 

There wasn’t quite the backlash as if a conservative had used a similar slur. In fact, there doesn’t appear to be any outrage from the rest of the liberal world over this. 

While any on-air personality at Fox News would have been fired for what Brzezinski said, it appears MSNBC has given her a little “vacation” hoping this will blow over.

On today’s broadcast of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski was suspiciously absent and her co-host/husband Joe Scarborough explained it was because of a long-planned family obligation. Yeah, right.

In any other era, it would be outrageous and unacceptable for a TV personality to suggest that the President of the United States and the Secretary of State were gay lovers, but this is the Age of Trump and anything goes — as long as you are a liberal.

A conservative would have been raked over the coals for such a remark. And, the fact it was “homophobic” would have made it even worse to those on the left. But, Brzezinski is one of their own.  

So, Brzezinski didn’t get called out for this offensive statement by any of her colleagues in the liberal media. She only got some mild push-back on social media, after which she issued a very weak apology. But, this apology wasn’t to Trump, Pompeo, or even the LGBT community, but rather to Dick Durbin.

It’s unclear how Dick Durbin was the aggrieved party in this or how any sane person could mistake a water boy for someone who submits to gay anal sex, but this was Brzezinski’s apology and that seemed to do the trick. The only real consequences she appears to face for this disgusting homophobic remark is that MSNBC gave her the day off.

On Thursday morning, Brzezinski was noticeably absent from the Morning Joe broadcast, and Joe Scarborough only made a passing remark about her absence. “Mika has the day off with her family, a long-planned family event, which I’m sorry she’s not here because we’re going to be talking about baseball,” said Scarborough.

What are the chances that the day after Brzezinski used a homophobic slur to describe Pompeo that she just happened to have a long-planned family event? And, that family even didn’t include her husband Joe Scarborough, who was clearly able to make the broadcast?

It seems pretty obvious that the family event is a cover story and that Brzezinski was taken off the air by MSNBC in hopes that things cool down and people forget about what she said. On a related note, why was it a shame she couldn’t be there to talk about baseball? Imagine all of the homophobia she could have spewed about balls, catching, and stealing home. It’s probably a good thing she wasn’t there for the discussion.

Recently comedian Kevin Hart was forced out as Academy Awards host because old tweets with perceived homophobic jokes surfaced. But, Mika Brzezinski made a homophobic slur on air that was no joke and all she got was a day off with pay. The liberal double-standard has been expanded to basically say that “homophobia is bad unless it’s directed at President Trump and his administration.”

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