Mueller Called ‘Bumbling Idiot’ As Jim Jordan Exposes His Utter Disregard For Truth

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Robert Mueller is on Capitol Hill testifying on his two-year investigation into President Donald Trump and the so-called Russian collusion into the 2016 election. Fox News’ Chris Wallace describes his testimony as “an utter disaster” right after Rep. Jim Jordan excoriates Mueller and exposes his utter disregard for the truth. You’ll love this.

Robert Mueller & Jim Jordan (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The Democrats couldn’t wait to get Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill to testify on his investigation. Well, they are now rueing the day they ever decided this was a good move. It’s been an utter disaster. The former FBI chief is so confused he can’t answer simple questions on what is in his own report.

In fact, it is quite shocking. There is no doubt now that Rober Mueller wasn’t in charge of anything. Rush Limbaugh said, “He was a figurehead. Mueller was to give this investigation the imprimatur of character and dignity and honor, given his great reputation as a swamp dweller.”

Boy, was he spot on. Watching Mueller’s testimony is excruciating. The guy has no grasp of the facts. He testified he didn’t know who Corey Lewandowski is or who Fusion GPS is.

Trey Gowdy declared: “The Democrats wanted this hearing to fuel their impeachment narrative and I betcha if they could cancel this afternoon’s hearing they would.”

“Wait, what? Mueller was confused about who and what Fusion GPS is and does? This is a total, complete, apocalyptic disaster for the conspiracy-theory Democrats. This is imploding on them. Hilarious,” tweeted Dan Bongino.

Mueller’s handlers knew this would be a disaster.  Mueller declared at the beginning of his testimony he would not testify about the “Russian dossier” or “FISA warrants.” This was ridiculous. It was part of his investigation.

However, Mueller is seemingly impaired and has no command of the information, so his handlers advised him to decline to answer the simplest of questions.

Which brings us to Jim Jordan. Thank God for Jim Jordan. 

Jordan decided to go on the offensive, and he conducted a clinic on why this entire investigation was a scam from the get-go. He focused on the most important question: How did this investigation get started in the first place?

Jordan talks about Joseph Mifsud, the infamous professor who was an FBI asset who courts Trump aid George Pappadolpolous.

According to Mueller’s own report, the investigation started because Pappadolpolous told Mifsud: “The Russians have Hillary’s emails.” Who told Pappadolpolous about the emails? Another FBI asset Stephan Halper, who was sent by the FBI deep state rats to give him that information.

Obviously, Pappadolpolous was “set up” by FBI agents who were already spying on Trump, and Jordan knocks Mueller on his ass exposing this scam. 

“Here we are three years later. … The country has been put through this and the central figure [Misfud] who launches it all, lies to us, and you guys don’t hunt him down and interview him again and you don’t charge him with a crime,” the Ohio Republican told Mueller during House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday.

“He’s the guy who starts it all, and when the FBI interviews him, he lies three times and yet you don’t charge him with a crime,” Jordan told Mueller.

He then continues to mention how Mueller’s prosecutors charged former Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort and former national security adviser Michael Flynn with crimes for “making false statements.” Why does Mifsud get off scot-free?

“But the guy who puts the country through this whole saga. For three years we’ve lived this lie now. He lies and you guys don’t charge him. I’m curious as to why,” Jordan said.

“I can’t get into it, and it’s obvious that we can’t get into charging decisions,” Mueller responded his face beet red with embarrassment. This video is devastating to Mueller and the Democrats: 

Mifsud disappeared shortly after leaving the US in February 2017. A court filing in September 2018 said Mifsud “is missing and may be deceased,” the New York Post reports.

Well, that’s interesting. The guy who could incriminate the FBI as the real culprits who started this witch hunt is now missing and presumed dead? 

What a farce this entire hearing has become. Robert Mueller clearly is not able to be in charge of an investigation. He was just a figurehead to make this witch hunt seem legitimate.

“Did the Dems just march Mueller in and out of buildings to make him look important and in charge? Is Mueller even mentally healthy? Have the Dems used a senile Senior citizen as cover for their attempted coup?” tweeted Luca.

It was a big cover-up, and the deep state rats made sure Mueller got the job knowing he wouldn’t get in their way.

The FBI started spying on Donald Trump long before the Pappadolpolous meeting, and they engineered that meeting with Misfud so they could cover their tracks if he got elected. We can only hope and pray AG Bill Barr’s investigation into these matters will once and for all reveal these truths.

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