Sec. Nielsen: 1 Million Illegals Headed To Border, Democrats Say ‘No Emergency!’

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Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified on Wednesday defending the president’s declaration of a national emergency. “At the current pace, we are on track to encounter close to one million illegal aliens at our southern border this year,” Nielsen testified. She also told the Democrats on the DHS Committee that there are sex traffickers, drug smugglers, and worse. Well, the Democrats said that’s “no emergency.” That’s when Nielsen dropped a bomb. Don’t miss this.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (left), Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen is before the House Committee on Homeland Security today to testify about the emergency at our southern border. And the Democrats came ready to pick a fight, hoping to score cheap political points at the expense of our national security.

The most shocking statistic that will make every American pause are the numbers the Border Patrol are seeing in just the first two months of 2019. For February alone, Nielsen reports they encountered 2,700 illegal aliens attempting to cross in the United States per day. That’s the average. 

“At the current pace, we are on track to encounter close to one million illegal aliens at our southern border this year. In February we encountered more than 2700 illegal aliens a day on pace for approximately 990,000 over the year…In February, agents apprehended or encountered more than 76,000 aliens, a 31 percent increase over January, and CBP is forecasting the problem will get even worse this spring,” Sec. Nielsen stated.

She makes abundantly clear to the House committee that “these increases will overwhelm the system entirely” and that “this is not a manufactured crisis, this is truly an emergency.”

Still, the Democrats on the committee sat there looking bored. You could tell they were just itching to get to their bogus taking point: kids in cages. But Nielsen refused to be dismissed by them. She was just getting started.

“Across the nation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers made approximately 266,000 arrests of aliens with various criminal charges or convictions in 2017 and 2018 – which included roughly 100,000 charges or convictions for assault, 30,000 for sex crimes, and 4,000 for homicides. Many of these were individuals who came across illegally at our southern border,” Nielsen declared.

She went on to give a detailed account of an immigration system that is failing due to lack of resources and manpower, which could be immediately alleviated if we built the wall. Well, the Democrats were getting really pissed off, at this point.

That’s when the Democratic Chairman asked Nielsen to “wrap it up,” refusing to listen to all of her testimony. And without skipping a beat, the Homeland Security Secretary reported to the committee that sexual violence and abuse is so prevalent along the border that they have to give every girl over 10 years of age a pregnancy test:

This flies in the face of all those leftists who lament the “poor Latino kids” when the fact is these kids are getting raped and abused because they are needed by the drug smugglers and the sex traffickers who use them to pose with adults as a “family unit.”

“The smugglers and traffickers have caught on, realizing this is a ‘free ticket’ into America,” said Nielsen. “As a result, the flow of families and children has become a flood. In the past five years, we have seen a 620 percent increase in families — or those posing as families — apprehended at the border.”

“We have even uncovered ‘recycling rings’ where innocent young people are used multiple times to help aliens fraudulently gain entry. As a nation, we cannot stand for this,” Sec. Nielsen said.

Now, after all of this devasting testimony, do you want to know what the idiotic Democratic Chairman came back with? Kids in cages. The fake news story started over pictures from 2014 of what appeared to be kids in cages, except this was under Barack Obama.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson said to Nielsen: “I’ve seen the cages. I just want you to admit the cages exist.”

“Sir, they’re not cages,” Nielsen responded and explained that as children are processed into detention facilities, they’re held in “subparts” for their protection. “If we have two gangs, we separate them into separate areas of that facility.”

Thompson then said, “This is no national emergency!”

So after hearing that we have one million illegal aliens headed to our Southern border, this is all the Democrats got? This is a national emergency along with being a clear cut humanitarian crisis. Clearly, these Democratic rats care nothing for the truth.

They recycle lies hoping to make the rabid leftists happy. Make sure all your family friends get the truth of what happened today in this hearing. Only then can we defeat those who would see America transformed into a third world hellhole.

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