Obama’s Called ‘Biggest Loser’ In Midterms As He Wakes Up To Trump’s Surprise

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Barack Obama broke past-presidential tradition as he actively went out and campaigned for key Democrats running in last night’s midterm election. The big blue wave never materialized, as the Democrats have gained only a very thin majority in the House of Representatives. The former president went head to head against President Donald Trump on the campaign trail, and Obama must be crying today as Trump gave him a big nasty surprise you’ll love.

President Donald Trump (left) Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

The era of the Obama magic ended last night. His so-called Midas touch never materialized in the midterms, just as the Democratic blue wave was a resounding failure. The mainstream media are jockeying to cover for the Democratic failure to deliver a mandate to President Donald Trump.

They hung their hopes that Barack Obama could deliver key races in which big money along with Hollywood star power would expose President Trump’s 2016 victory as a lie, but it all fell flat. In fact, the opposite happened, and now the Democratic snakes and their allies are making excuses.

Obama campaigned for Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Ohio gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, and last, but not least, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly.

All of them lost, despite breaking records in fundraising. One of the big Democratic hopefuls that Barack was asked not to endorse was Beto O’Rourke. Why? Texas is Texas, and many in the Lone Star state were still leery of the former president. But, O’Rourke’s massive loss is also a rejection of the former president as the far leftist candidate was called the new Obama.

O’Rourke brought in a whopping 70 million dollars, which is just unheard of. Most of the donations came from leftist organizations like “Act Blue.” In contrast, winner Ted Cruz brought in 40 million dollars. When will the celebrity crowd and the Democrats learn, money can’t buy votes? Not from patriots who do not want their sick socialistic nightmare here in America.

There is no doubt President Trump decided to take time out of his busy schedule and campaign for those GOP candidates who were facing the Obama machine. Trump showed Obama he is now the kingmaker. 

The president went to Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, and Texas, where he helped deliver the victories against Obama’s candidates. Ron Desantis bested socialist Andrew Gillum in the Florida gubernatorial race. Rick Scott beat Bill Nelson also in Florida for a Senate seat. Brian Kemp is the Governor-elect in Georgia trouncing Oprah and Obama favorite Stacey Abrams.

Although Abrams won’t concede, it’s a done deal, according to updates by the New York Times. She’s a sore loser, plain and simple. She was a horrible candidate with zero qualifications.

Former Senator Joe Donnelly, another Obama hopeful, found out voting against Justice Kavanaugh gets you kicked out of office, as the good people of Indiana voted for GOP candidate and Senator-elect Mike Braun. In Ohio, Obama hoped he could help Richard Cordray win the governorship, but Trump-backed Mike DeWine is now celebrating, as he will be moving to the Governor’s mansion.

Think about it. Trump assured for his run in 2020 that the two big key states of Florida and Ohio are in the control by the GOP, and all the former president could do was issue a statement. He must be so mortified crying liberal tears into his morning cup of coffee.

“Our work goes on. The change we need won’t come from one election alone – but it is a start,” said Barack, in a statement issued to the press this morning. Wow, that’s not much of a victory lap, is it?

Obama got shellacked in his first midterm in 2010, and the Democrats’ goal was that their big blue wave would match the Tea Party movement of 2010. The GOP destroyed Obama in 2010 taking 63 House seats and also 12 Senate seats. It made history as a total repudiation of Obama’s presidency.

That’s not even close to what happened in this midterm. There was no blue wave or any shellacking of any kind to Trump’s presidency. Now, it’s the Democrats who are on the hot seat. If they just sit around in the House and resist, by 2020 Americans will be so fed-up, President Trump will cruise to a landslide victory. No one should be celebrating in the Democratic camp today.

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