Omar Promotes Ending GI Bill & Giving UN Ultimate Power, Gets Epic Smackdown

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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been a busy bee. The Minnesota Congresswoman is unveiling the Democrats’ new legislative plans which were written by hardcore anti-American socialists. Ending veterans benefits and giving the United Nations sovereignty over our borders is just a small portion of what they have in mind. Patriots are pushing back hard against this epic disaster. Don’t miss this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, Alexander Morales (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Even though President Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election is going well, we cannot take for granted he will win in 2020. It’s important to keep our eyes on the Democrat leaders who are promoting the policies they are getting ready to put into place, and they are hoping you don’t notice.

Omar has been very busy crafting legislation and promoting anti-American policies. 

Don’t be fooled. Rep. Omar is a thought leader in the Democrat Party. Now, she is showing us what a far-left America will look like. Veterans are awarded perks for their service to our country, like the GI bill, which covers many things like college education and low-interest home loans.

The anti-Trump Minnesota congresswoman is ready to end the veterans’ benefits by making it available to all. That’s right, she is proposing American taxpayers somehow extend the hard-won benefits to everyone and make being a veteran a big fat nothing-burger.

This is a hardcore socialist pipe dream. Omar fails to tell us to pay for this “free everything for everybody” taxes would have to be raised to 70-90 percent. Veterans sounded off and set her straight.

“Imagine what it would do for our country and those who live here if we were to take the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill and apply it to everybody—canceling all student debt and making public colleges, universities, and vocational schools tuition-free,” Omar tweeted.

“I’m a recipient of the GI Bill. The GI Bill was earned by agreeing to serve my country for six years and to put my life at risk as an infantryman in Afghanistan. It wasn’t something just given to me with nothing expected in return. Don’t cheapen our sacrifice w/ this comparison,” tweeted Chris Manning.

“My dad was a WWII vet who went to Brown University on the GI Bill. He still worked as a truck driver on the side to pay for his family’s food and housing while attending school full time. He didn’t get ‘free’ college. He paid his way with his service to the nation,” Cam Edwards tweeted to Omar.

This is just part of the new Democrat Party’s philosophy. They are now identifying themselves as “Democratic Socialists.” 

Bernie Sanders is the leading Democrat candidate for president, and so its time we start to expose the type of policies and programs that he and his followers would enact. Omar has also just proposed legislation that would give the United Nations sovereignty over our foreign policy and our immigration policy.

“Rep. Ilhan Omar introduced a new proposal that seeks to change how the United States conducts its foreign policy,” Washington Examiner reports. “The proposal, dubbed the Pathway to PEACE, is a conglomeration of seven bills and resolutions that aim for a more humanitarian-based foreign policy focused on human rights and global migration.” (emphasis added)

“The initiatives include building a $5 billion wartime fund called the Global Peacebuilding Fund, forcing the U.S. to participate in the International Criminal Court, ratifying the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, and creating a global agreement on migration,” Washington Examiner adds.

“Creating a global agreement on migration,” translates into giving up our right to make our own immigration policies. This ultimately means “open borders,” which is what the United Nations advocates. 

It would also limit the presidential powers set out in our Constitution. If passed, the new foreign policy plan would become “a new progressive baseline,” according to former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes.

We need to remind ourselves what a socialist nation looks like. Alexander Morales windsurfed 90 miles from Cuba to the Florida coast to escape his socialist homeland.

Morales’ video has a powerful message that exposes Sanders and his cohorts Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Our nation is in more danger from Democrats now than we ever were under Barack Obama. In today’s Democrat Party, Obama would be considered a “moderate.” We cannot afford to become complacent and think Trump’s re-election is in the bag.

There are an awful lot of “Bernie bros” and confused leftists who have no idea what these socialist policies would do to America. It’s time they learn. Patriotic Americans must sound the alarm. Show them that socialist nations end in utter destruction after these crazy policies totally bankrupt its citizens. Even if you change only one voter’s mind, it will be worth it.

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