Mika Demands Twitter Ban ‘Sick Disgusting’ Trump Forever, Then She Gets Destroyed

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, went off on a rant about President Donald Trump. It seems poor Mika doesn’t appreciate how the president toys with her cohost and spouse, Joe Scarborough. Making matters worse, Brzezinski then went on a tirade all over social media demanding Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ban Trump for life. That didn’t work out too well for the outspoken leftist as she got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Mika Brzezinski (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, went off on a rant about President Trump, calling him “sick” and “disgusting.” She called on Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to censor the President’s tweets.

Mika told Twitter, “you should be ashamed of yourself — you’ll be hearing from me on this, because this is BS.”

“He’s tweeting again, all sorts of crazy things,” she added. “Once again tweeting conspiracy theories about Joe [Scarborough], falsely accusing him of murder, talking about the death of a young staffer in his congressional office years ago, and calling him dangerous to walk the streets.”

“That’s sick, Donald, you’re a sick person,” Mika declared. “To put this family through this… To do this just because you’re mad at Joe, because Joe got ya again today, because he speaks the truth, and he speaks plainly about your lack of interest and empathy in others, and your lack of ability to handle this massive human catastrophe, the fact that you’ve made it worse, and that you make it worse every day, and that you won’t even wear a mask to protect people from your germs.”

Most men would be ashamed that their loudmouth wife is waging war in their name. But not Joe Scarborough. He’s a special kind of a wimp.

In fact, Mika drove the internet crazy with her quest. She posted numerous tweets on banning Trump.

“@jack At what point is @Twitter a part of this? TAKE DOWN TRUMP’s ACCOUNT— the world world be safer. Retweet if you agree,” Brzezinski tweeted.

That sparked the Twittersphere to react. Poor Mika got throttled and became the butt of jokes that went viral.

One meme started which branded Mika as “Karen.” This goes back to social media users branding any offensive, rich, fake activist, usually a white woman, who would be the type “to call the manager” over anything — that’s a “Karen.”

“Mika is a real-life walking talking breathing Karen meme,” tweeted Twitter user “Melissa A.”

“Karen Brzezinski would like to speak to the manager,” tweeted the Daily Caller.

“Boss of the Karen level,” tweeted Ron Bassilian, GOP candidate for Congress.

“Okay, Karen,” tweeted “Ramzpaul.”

“We’re seeing levels of Karen previously thought impossible,” tweeted David Angelo.

Other Americans gave ole Mika a huge reality check. 

“Oh, @morningmika have your feelings been hurt? Grow up. You make your living off opinions (not news, btw) so learn to live w opinions you don’t like. I don’t like yours, I’m sure you don’t like mine. If you’ve gotta call @Jack b/c you don’t like something, you’ve already lost,” tweeted Michael D. Brown.

“Instead of trying to get Trump banned from Twitter, Morning Mika should be trying to find out why journalism has been banned from MSNBC,” tweeted Errol Webber GOP candidate for Congress.

“Lol. Poor little Mika defending pathetic sellout liberal Joe who ‘does have his issues’. Let me decide if u are worth my time. You both bore me to tears,” tweeted Sean Hannity.

Brzezinski is one of the most stridently anti-Trump voices in the mainstream media. Among her many outbursts, she has previously accused the President of “wanting” white nationalist terror attacks to occur and has also accused Trump supporters of considering the President to be “more important than the lives of American people.”

For context, her father was none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser and who armed the Mujahedeen. He was the guy who was responsible for Iranian terrorists holding American hostages for 444 days after the fall of the Shah of Iran.

It took the election of Ronald Reagan for the Iranians to free the hostages. In fact, they were freed the day Reagan was inaugurated knowing the new Commander in Chief warned them he would bring the full might of the American military to make sure those American citizens came home.

So, Mika comes from a family that does not believe in putting “America First.” And now she has become a laughingstock even with leftwing activists. We really have no sympathy for her at all.

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