Oprah: White People Get ‘Woke’ To Your ‘Unconscious’ Racism, Gets Reality Check

Oprah Winfrey held part two to her live-stream Apple TV series on Tuesday night. The billionaire media mogul advised “white people” to get “woke” to their own “unconscious racism.” In other words, white Americans might think they are not racists, but deep-down they are. She also claimed that “first-degree racism” is still happening in America. Well, that’s when poor Oprah got a big reality check she never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Oprah Winfrey (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Ever since Black Lives Matter got a huge boost in support following the death of George Floyd, the Marxist organization is pushing celebrities, professional sports teams, and big-named companies to spew their propaganda.

One billionaire celebrity who is spewing BLM’s talking points is Oprah Winfrey. Using made-up terms like “white privilege” and “unconscious racism,” the African-American media mogul sees herself as a confessor to help white Americans accept they are all racists.

“Billionaire media mogul Oprah Winfrey advised white people on how to address ‘unconscious’ racism and warned that ‘first-degree racism’ is a phenomenon ‘in some parts of the country’ in the latest episode of her Apple TV series The Oprah Conversation,” Breitbart reports.

“Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man: Part 2,” the episode’s title, featured eight guests joining Oprah Winfrey and Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL linebacker, who created a YouTube channel of the same name. The guests — six women and two men — all described themselves as “white” except one Hispanic woman.

Winfrey urged her guests to be strategic in combating “racial injustice” with white family members, friends, and peers.

“I think that’s so beautiful … talking to your white friends [and] meeting them where they are,” Winfrey said. “Once you just start educating yourself and you get woke … you should just meet people exactly where they are.”

 “Even if you don’t know how to confront somebody, just to say, ‘I’m sorry, that language isn’t  appropriate for me. I’m sorry, what did you say? You can’t speak about somebody to me that way,’ so being able to not suddenly become the radical that you are not, but in your heart being able to live out from the heart space that you’re in right now you’re opening up the aperture of your own understanding so to be able to just just just meet people where they are.”

In the previous episode, Winfrey described “whiteness” and “white privilege” as sociological phenomena benefiting all whites in a racial “caste system” in the U.S.

“White people [are] not taught about racism,” guest Emmanuel Acho declared, “so white people end up incidentally committing racism. You have first-degree murder, that is premeditated. You have second-degree murder, heat of passion, but if you keep moving down the line, you have manslaughter [and] involuntary manslaughter.”

Americans gave Oprah a big reality check on social media. 

“Uh, this overweight black woman came from nothing and went on to become a famous, celebrated billionaire in America! That’s who Americans are! We are not a racist society!” tweeted Twitter user “Sheasma.”

“Did she hate white people this much when her audience was full of them? White women made her numbers now we need to take them back,” tweeted Cherie Buckingham.

“@oprah Geez lady…you are so off base. Sorry to burst your celeb bubble,” tweeted Twitter user “BluLola.”

“Quit listening to this woman who jumps on every hot issue of the moment. How quickly we forget her pushing of ‘John of God’, a man in prison for rape,” tweeted Lynn Rethorst.

“From the woman who said ‘I wish all old white people would just die’… there are two things I hate prejudice people and BLM oh sorry they’re both the same,” tweeted “Prayerwalker72.”

“I need coaching about racism because my great-great-grandfather fought to free the slaves,” tweeted Ted Pierce.

As many American historians have noted, our country is the only country to fight a war to stop slavery.

A total of 320,000 white Union soldiers died during the Civil War alongside 40,000 black Union soldiers. Does that sound like a racist nation to you? Oprah forgets we also had a peaceful civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King, Jr. almost 60 years ago.

The truth is America has done more to fight racism than any country on earth. The truth is it’s Oprah and her BLM cohorts who are racists. They are the ones who deep-down inside might believe they have no bias against white people— when the proof is in their own words.

There is no such thing as “white privilege” in America. It’s a fabricated term by black racists who are hellbent to institute their Marxist agenda. It’s that simple. We will no longer be silent. We will no longer apologize for being born white.

They are the ones who see racism everywhere in the one country that celebrates people of every ethnicity and welcomes people of every nation to adopt our American way of life.

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