Whoopi: President Biden Can Appoint Wife ‘Surgeon General,’ Gets Rude Awakening

Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow cohosts were gushing over Joe Biden’s big Super Tuesday wins. In fact, they were already celebrating as if Joe Biden had just won the presidency. Whoopi said that the former vice-president’s wife, Jill Biden, should be appointed “surgeon general.” She added, “She’s a hell of a doctor. She’s an amazing doctor!” Well, that’s when it went all wrong for poor Whoopi as she got a rude awakening. You’ll love this.

Whoopi Goldberg (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

All the cohosts of The View were giddy on Wednesday morning. You would have thought it was the day after the presidential election and Donald Trump had lost to Joe Biden. That’s how totally out in left field Whoopi and her gang have become.

Goldberg introduced ABC’s political correspondent Jon Karl to further discuss Super Tuesday. 

“Americans love [Joe Biden]!” Meghan McCain declared. “I think Amy Klobachur would make a great vice-president.”

“Klobachur is definitely going to be on the short-list for [Biden’s] vice-president,” Jon Karl said as if Bernie Sanders has conceded the race.

“I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes the surgeon general,” Whoopi said with a huge smile on her face. “Yeah, Joe Biden’s wife cause she’s yeah, she’s a helluva a doctor, she’s an amazing doctor.”

“She’s a PhD.,” Joy Behar whispers.

“Well, I could be wrong,” Goldberg said.

“She’s a teacher. But, hey, yeah,” Sunny Hostin pipes in.

“I don’t know,” Whoopi said, doubting Jill Biden is a teacher.

“But good for Betsy De Vos’s post,” Hostin said.

The leftwing audience erupts in applause.

Immediately, Americans took to social media to trash Whoopi Goldberg for her ridiculous remarks.

Whoopi thinks Jill Biden should become Surgeon General and she’s not a medical doctor, she has a PhD and works as an English teacher at a Delaware college. And yet @TheView is rated as the top political show??? #TheView,” tweeted “The Stunt Queen Agency.” 

So, on @TheView Whoopi praises Dr. Jill Biden ‘I’m hoping Dr. Jill Biden becomes the surgeon general, she’s a hell of a doctor ‘ while you may have admitted your mistake it clearly shows you promote shit you know nothing about for a political purpose! You’re trash!” tweeted Shelly Juul.

“Whoopi calls Jill Biden ‘a hell of a doctor’ & hopes she becomes the surgeon general… Jill Biden has a PhD in education – totally different kind of doctor… These idiots are so insanely stupid…” tweeted Mr. Jones.

As one of those doofuses who watches @TheView it’s fun watching Whoopi be so dumb that she thinks Jill Biden can be Surgeon General, and watching all of them realize that now their beloved grandpa is getting thrown in the alligator pit. Especially Jr. McCain. #hatetolovetoseeit,” tweeted “Ice Cream Doesn’t Have Bones.” 

“I’ve seen it all. Whoopi Goldberg advocating for Jill Biden to become the next Surgeon General saying, she’s “an amazing doctor, an incredible doctor”, before being corrected that Jill Biden is not a doctor but does have a PhD in education,” tweeted “DrBKG.”

If Joe Biden gets the nomination, he will face scrutiny about his so-called gaffes. 

Journalist Micheal Tracey posted: “If journalists keep referring to Biden’s cognition failures as ‘gaffes’ they are deceiving the public. His brain is deteriorating and it’s obvious to anyone paying attention. Not surprising for a 77-year-old man, and not a comfortable subject. But it’s the truth: stop obfuscating.”

We see the same type of symptoms in Nancy Pelosi. You’d think someone inside the Biden circle would have stopped his candidacy since it’s clear Biden is suffering from something similar to dementia.

Dementia is prevalent in those over 65-years-old. Symptoms include poor judgment, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, forgetting time and place, and trouble in following a conversation or finding the right word.

We have seen Joe Biden exhibit all of those symptoms noted. The former vice-president has a history of brain issues including aneurysms. Now, why isn’t The View talking about these issues? Instead, they are already elevating Jill Biden to the surgeon general. Well, the writing is on the wall, and Americans aren’t going to elect a guy who has Dementia symptoms every time he speaks.

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