Pelosi & Schiff Impeachment Scam Racing Against Court Rulings To Shut It Down

Part of this entire Democrat impeachment scam is making Americans believe this has all been done legally, but one court case that will be decided in the next two weeks could completely throw out Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry. Yes, you read that right. If the Democrats lose just one of three pending court cases, their impeachment inquiry will be ruled invalid. You don’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Do you remember the House Resolution vote Nancy Pelosi took which the Democrats and their media cohorts described as the “impeachment” vote? That’s where two Democrats voted with all the Republicans against moving forward. That was not a real impeachment vote. It was a nothing-burger. Nancy Pelosi still must have a real vote to start real impeachment proceedings.

What you need to know is that this impeachment sham was pre-planned long in advance. The dates of the Schiff circus down in the basement and his public show trials were all plotted out to ensure the timeline would end right around Christmas break. 

Why? Well, this is something Nancy Pelosi also did with the Obamacare vote that happened on Christmas Eve 2009. The Schiff show trials were to gain more and more Americans support for impeachment. Then, right around the Christmas break, Pelosi would be able to hold the real vote for impeachment. The Democrats would then start real impeachment proceedings in Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee after the Christmas break in January 2020.

Except, now it’s gone all wrong for Pelosi and Schiff. 

We are sure you are a little shocked that Pelosi’s House Resolution impeachment vote was not the real deal. There are three court cases that Pelosi and her team of anti-Trump attorneys are hoping to win in their favor. If the lose only one of the three, Adam Schiff’s so-called evidence from his impeachment inquiry will be thrown out as invalid.

Pelosi and Schiff plan on taking the real House impeachment vote right before Christmas break.

“The mid-December vote will be to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin the ‘official’ impeachment hearings. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff need this vote fast; they need this vote before they lose any court case that could make the ‘impeachment inquiry’ invalid,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

“Additionally, Nancy Pelosi and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler need this full House authorization vote to gain the authority to penetrate the constitutional firewall that protects the separation of power in the ‘official’ impeachment investigation. And they are hoping that any loss in the three pending cases will not undermine the validity of the prior impeachment inquiry…. that’s an issue,” CTH adds.

That’s why Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler need to get that mid-December House vote before they lose any SCOTUS ruling. There are three cases, each of them appears heading to the Supreme Court; one is already there which is the House Oversight Committee’s attempt to get Trump’s tax records.

  • The first case is the House Oversight Committee’s effort to gain President Trumps’ tax returns as part of their impeachment ‘inquiry’ and oversight. That case is currently on-hold (10-day stay) in the Supreme Court; outcome pending. There is a very strong probability Pelosi will lose this case because Oversight doesn’t have jurisdiction and the case began back in February.
  •  The second case is the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) effort to gain the grand jury information from the Mueller investigation. The decision by DC Judge Beryl Howell was stayed by a three-member DC Appellate court.  Oral arguments were November 12th, the decision is pending but will most likely end up in the SCOTUS. This case will also be likely lost for Democrats.
  • The third case is the HJC effort to force the testimony of former White House legal counsel Don McGahn. Issue: subpoena validity. The HJC has asked for an expedited rulingJudge Ketanji Brown Jackson has announced she will deliver her ruling on Monday, November 25th. This decision is a toss up.

Nancy Pelosi and her team of anti-Trump attorneys are racing against these court cases. 

Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and their anti-Trump attorneys are hoping the real House vote to authorize impeachment will help them retroactively in any judicial decision. The only case where that seems possible is the last one—and that has a long way to reach SCOTUS.

Remember, the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on any ancillary case that touches upon the validity of the unilaterally declared House impeachment process. The Supreme Court has not ruled on any case that touches the Schiff impeachment “inquiry.”

The issue at stake is whether the legislative branch can penetrate the constitutional firewall which exists within the separation of powers.

Without this constitutional recognition by the Judicial Branch, the Supreme Court, Pelosi and Schiff’s impeachment inquiry hearings are fatally flawed and invalid. All of Schiff’s so-called evidence from his impeachment inquiry hearings could be considered invalid.

In fact, the Senate could ignore any House impeachment vote that uses invalid evidence gathered in Schiff’s fatally flawed impeachment inquiry.

Those in the mainstream media, like all of their big-time legal analysts, are refusing to bring these facts up to their Trump-hating audience. The last thing they want to tell the radical leftists in their base is Schiff’s impeachment show trial is probably going to be ruled as invalid.

We will be keeping a close eye on those court-rulings, and this is exactly why Nancy Pelosi did not want to go down this impeachment path. There are too many landmines. Being that Schiff plowed ahead in what is shaping up to be ruled a sham will only embolden Trump and make many Americans sitting on the fence become disgusted and dissatisfied with the entire Democrat Party.

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